Describe yourselves, women.  Include your likes and dislikes ion who yu are searching for.

OK CUPID may get mad at this attempt.

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Thats me, although I am sure there aren't many people in my neck of the woods :)

I at least in the same province more days a week than I am home :) 
So how do you like plentyoffish?  By the way the link takes you to the front page of the website, not your profile.
LOL   I don't want to take this too far here, because I wouldn't want it done to me, but...   *wink*

I was typing, but then I realized, I'm too old.  I'm 43.  Had to erase my lil' bio.  hahaha.  40 was the max age!  lol

...tried POF half a dozen times and deleted the profile after a day or two...  try '63' this month and agree... why bother....  perhaps 2 coffee dates and didn't bother with name or ph# for any followup... /h

I don't know, as a woman, I find the name Plenty of Fish, disturbing, lol.  I know it means there is plenty of fish in the sea.  However, when I hear the term fish and refering to a woman...let's just say I don't get a pretty picture.  ijs.


Has anyone did those EHarmony and  How did that work for ya?

Ehellmoney has no option for atheists, as it is run by an xian fundie.

Match is just as bad, with all the hoops you have to go through just to find out a profile is fake.

POF seems to be the most reasonable, although I deleted my profile from there a while ago.


I have pretty much given up looking myself, but that is another story :)

LMBAO @ Ehellmoney!  I was told the non paying sites are the worst.  But, hell, I was on Black People Meet and it was a lot of strange and/or needy folks.  Had a date with one dude, sheeesh, guess he didn't get the memo that nose hairs as big as afros are not "winning". 


I tell ya, Dan, I just feel like this.  If it happens, good.  If not, not gonna get bent out of shape.  I am now 43, and still single.

My biggest issue is not so much the religious thing, it's that Miami women are so fooking high maintenance. I admit I'm a rustic guy, tent, canoe, getting dirty kinda stuff, which doesn't mesh with high heels apparently. phffft


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