I feel like there are too many social pressures to meet most of the expectations driven by popular culture... besides, my lousy job and other factors make it nearly impossible to find, much less maintain, any meaningful relationships.

Anybody else find themselves in the same situation, or am I the only ape here left grooming themselves in the corner?

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Almost. Before doing so, I'm giving one last hurrah at a dating site. >.> I'm at least vastly entertained by most of the people who message me. Apparently, intelligent females are a rarity.
Share a few?  ^.^
Pretty I always say I've given up but I guess it's a half truth.  The problem for me is mutual attraction.  I'm rarely attracted to the guys who chase me.  The guys I chase are rarely attracted to me.
You might try getting a better attitude along with a better job. I bet you are also looking for a supermodel. Give it up. look for a nice girl, with a career and don't expect her to support you then, you might have some luck.

Are you talking to this ape? 

I think it'll be hard to find someone who shares the same unbelief as I do. Most of the women who live in my area are believers and probably wouldn't be too fond of my disbelief.
Yeah, I can dig it Apeman!
*forever alone*

I have settled for a vaguely progressive catholic.

Because although being single is okay, I really like having someone to help carry groceries.

But if someone better comes along, yeah, I'd give them a chance. But other than that, yeah, I'm technically single.

"Relationship of convenience" is the proper term. It's not an ideal situation but hey, I gotta do something on weekends.

We have those in the military. We normally call them a contract marriage. Its so you can get the increased pay and incentives for being married. They normally explode in peoples faces, they are good for a laugh though.

Yeah, I don't expect it to last very long, he's not exactly responsible or able to "provide" or say no to the newest gadget when he doesn't have the money for it, it's convenient for now, once I graduate I'll probably break up with him and never talk to him again.

It's nicer than getting rejected again and again by dudes who then complain about being alone or lonely, though. This relationship really is a time-filler for me, and I'll totally admit it, but I'm tired of how guys are where I live. Most of them either find me physically repulsive and others just "don't feel a spark", when I don't believe in love anyways--it's a numbers game.

I feel like throwing in the towel.  Hell, an African American female that don't love the Lord.  In my community, it makes the dating scene hard.   It's hard dating Christians.  I thought it wouldn't matter but when a person says things to me like "Thank God for your raise at work" or "thank God for your new car" or whatever.  I think fuckin' idiot!!!!!!  I worked for that shit!!!


I mean the constant quotes.  "The devil is a liar".  "Have faith"!!!  It is such a turn off for me.  How am I ever gonna find someone? 


Black folks love their Jesus!



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