I feel like there are too many social pressures to meet most of the expectations driven by popular culture... besides, my lousy job and other factors make it nearly impossible to find, much less maintain, any meaningful relationships.

Anybody else find themselves in the same situation, or am I the only ape here left grooming themselves in the corner?

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Well, flaming someone still doesn't do anything to improve people's opinion of you, so you're just being malicious, at this point. I don't think posting a long string of insults is going to get through to him, either.

1. That question answers itself. If I'm doing it "to insult people and make [my]self feel better" (and im not) Then I'm obviously doing it for the purpose of "insult[ing] people and mak[ing] [my]self feel better"

Okay, then let me spell out what I hoped would be understood, from my implication. That's a really damned sad reason to have an argument online. Forgive me for leaving that off the end, out of politeness.
That's not very nice. How am I suppose to be non-creepy? It is not like I have ever mentioned sex to any girl in person, and I rarely get a chance to talk to girls in person.
I think y'all are being a bit hard on SB. He doesn't express himself well. As an example, I have had a relationship for years that went from co-workers to friends to lovers to bitter exes to lovers and then to friends. I see her nearly every day because we work on the same floor in the same building. We have coffee together, she takes my dogs when I go away, we pass movies around. I fix her car and her appliances. We talk, but usually about her problems. We're very close. But there is an elephant in the room because I still want very much to be intimate and she doesn't. This is someone who can be--and was--a wonderful and spontaneous lover, but now if I even hint at sex she acts as if the very thought is repulsive. Frankly, that hurts. She's a very needy friend, and if I were to fall in love with someone else or re-marry, this friendship would be very difficult to maintain, perhaps impossible, because of that neediness. I doubt that a new partner would understand. This relationship doesn't affect my friendships with men in the slightest, nor does it affect my casual friendships with women. Nor would I abandon her if I found a new partner. But like SB, I would rather spend my time with a partner than with a friend. Besides, there's a lot more room to live in a room without elephants.
I think a lot of what caused it was his declaration that he has no use for females, except for sex. I mean he flat out said ... well, let me just quote:

"Unless you are gay I don't understand why you would ever want a platonic female friend. That would be like owning a car that is not drivable or a computer that does less than what other computers can do or something else that does not serve the purpose you actually want it to serve. If I had a female platonic friend, I would be fooling myself and thinking I would get sex when I would know darn well that it wouldn't happen, so I would have to just quit talking to the girl when I first realize she wont have sex."

That's kind of creepy and misogynistic.

I can understand how a relationship like the one with your ex would be frustrating, because you've got the increased level of dependence without the rest of the package. Also ... yeah, that would send up all sorts of warning flags with other women you may date, if they're aware of it and are at all capable of analyzing that sort of thing. That could be a problem in the future.

And where you say, "But like SB, I would rather spend my time with a partner than with a friend," you're off by a bit. You're talking preference; he's saying he has no use for platonic, female friends.
Where I live, I find it difficult to meet anyone who isn't religious. As I've decided that it's not worth dating the brainwashed, it's put a bit of a damper on things. I did finally manage to find some atheist guys nearby, so it's a matter of time to see if I actually want to date either of them....or if they're just pretending to be atheists.

At this point, I feel like I'd be happy just meeting someone I'd want to spend time with.
... or if they're just pretending to be atheists.

Ouch. Have you had experience with this or something? I've had girls seriously downplay the level of their Christian faith, but I've never had any flat-out lie about being Christian.

I can imagine how this would have a traumatic effect on your dating outlook, yeah.
Yup, it's happened. I wouldn't call it a traumatic effect, though. I'd say it was more of a learning experience.
Meh, yeah, sucks. Okay, maybe traumatic is a bit of an overstatement, but it would definitely make me (more) cynical.
One of my better female friends in Florida also shot off some half-truths, perhaps untruths about her religiousness when we first met. I noticed a pattern of little white lies afterwards and made sure to keep her in the friend zone. Good to hang out with, but can't trust her to be honest when she does things I might disapprove of. Annoying.
Hmm, yeah, sounds like a bad attribute in a marriage.
After being engaged and calling it off and having a few relationships I'm single again and it's weird at first. Sure it would be great to find the right person but it is nice to have a break and at times I actually like being single (though I do miss some physical aspects if you know what I mean..) But I'm not going to drown in my sorrow over not being married. There is a lot of pressure to get married and I think it has to do with the gov't making money and the bridal industry more than anything else. Anyway half the people who are married today will be divorced in 5 yrs or so! Just keep living your life and see what happens... things sometimes happen when you least expect it.
Hmmmm... Sometimes it almost seems that modern marriage is a co-dependent debt generation machine whose sole purpose is the perpetual subjugation of the bourgeois class for the continuous benefit of the fiscal elite…
Or its just what mommy and Jeebus want us to do.



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