Just curious if anyone has been on dates through this group or found their match. Please share.

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I haven't yet. Seems like most people on this site are not in my age group or they live really far away. I hope other atheists have had better luck than I have.
I should be so lucky! It would require a female atheist being geographically proximal, AND having a mutual interest! Not enough of those in So. CA, or near San Diego County!
Not here, not there, not anywhere.
No luck here in NYC either.
Do you all suppose we, as Athiests, are more independently centered as a result of not being convinced that we are here to "pro-create"?
I mean, I'm lonley, but....I've not had a need for a "mate" or children. I realize I may be an exception.
...Or am I? Please respond...I am very curious.
I do think we are more independently centered and I feel no need to spawn my own children. With all of the children in foster care and group homes, etc. I find it selfish to have children and not to adopt! I do want to meet someone I fall wildly in love with however. So a mate definitely- children not necessarily.
good points stephen
I know the world is overpopulated as it is!
I am waiting for a clone of myself I can raise the way I want to be raised.
I don't think being Atheist has anything to do with it. Needing to start a family is a biological thing. Being satisfied with your independence is a great opportunity that I think so many people miss out on. Everything around us is telling us to pro-create, so most give in. I think one of the more admirable things is to not accept, but to make the choice to go through life alone. (Not that I'm against settling down).
Well, that's my two cents.
Gee, maybe we should quite AN and all take a cruise on the Love Boat.

Love the idea of an Atheist Love Boat. Especially if it includes cheesy 70's tv series music.




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