Just curious if anyone has been on dates through this group or found their match. Please share.

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Hell yeah!
That would be awesome!
I attended my first A|N orgy this past weekend. I'll never be the same.
Hey, where was my invite?
Damn boy, how did I miss out on that?
It's from a different A|N, DG.

Anal Nexus. :^)
I want the location to this!
No love connection yet, but meeting many cool people. And it's been very interesting to have conversations regarding love and dating from an Atheistic angle, like the could-you-date-a-religious-person thread.

While our pool is small and we are generally spread out around the country, I figure one never knows where two shall meet. Stranger things have happened I'm sure.
No, but I actually met a bright, single atheist who's in my town on Yahoo.com personals. How weird is that? Don't stampede over there, I get 'winks' from people who obviously didn't bother to read my profile, especially the atheist part.
I think we just need to tell people about this site to get more folks posting here.
Someone needs to travel to the major cities, and just throw Atheist singles mixers.
From what I heard...there's a guy who met a girl here on AN, and lost his virginity. True story. And no, it's not me. Something I heard from other people.
nope and not looking for one particularly tho there are a few cute guys out there :) I have dated an Atheist I met on SL but I don't think we're compatible enough though he's a great person.




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