So my question to my fellow peeps, have you been stood up really bad, or have you ever met someone who was so compatible with you, your talked for like a week straight and they just stopped calling period ^_^?

To answer my own question, i was just stood up last night lol wasn't really bad considering i had a little green girl to relax the rest of my anger and night. My most "stood up moment" was when i was going to 42nd street to meet someone, and go to the movies. Now i don't mind waiting but when it's the last show i expect you to be on time, not only wasn't she on time, but she never showed up, this sounds like your typical stand up but, what made this worst is i lost my wallet somehow :( , so i had to ask people around (felt so embarrassing) for change to get on the train.

And as far as the calling then stopped, met this women who that happened to, conversation was amazing, both laughing joking, then we just stopped talking. To this day i still haven't asked her why she stopped talking to me, i guess in my head i felt it really didn't matter.

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After my first amateur fight,I met a girl and we made plans. A week later,i'm sitting at the bar of Regatta Seafood Grill for 2 hours like a real dumbass. Never found out why. Bad thing is........I had a GORGEOUS woman hit on me as soon as I got there,and turned her down because I had a date. So i know how the shit feels.
Ouch. I've never actually been stood up, at least.

I've had people who just disappeared after a week or so, though. A follow-up e-mail would be nice, to give some sort of closure, but at least it's better than not showing up somewhere you've agreed to be.
your not the first or the last guy who went through this thats life lol
Oh i know lol, just want to hear any stories, always fun to relate.
Yes, I've been stood up a few times. Probably the worst offense was one time when I was going to meet someone at a coffee shop. I told her exactly where I was going to be, and waited there. A woman came in who appeared to match her description, hesitated for a second, then walked over to the counter and ordered a drink. I got up, thinking this must be her. She paid for it, picked it up, then turned and walked out the door quickly, not looking at me at all. I sat back down, thinking I must have been wrong. But a half hour later it dawned on me that she obviously came in, spied me, decided that she didn't like what she saw, and promptly pretended to be somebody else. I guess it could have been worse.

As to the disappearing act - that happens all the time. That's actually the #1 most common way that women dump a guy - they just suddenly cut off contact. No explanation, no breakup letter, just nothing. No more phone calls, email, text, letters, anything. After a day or three, he starts wondering if she's sick, on a trip or dead, and after long enough with no answer, most guys eventually figure out that it's pointless to continue, and give up. It's a pretty chickenshit way to break up, but it's certainly very commonplace.
Lololol, i couldn't agree more, i think i got the hint when i seen her updating her FB via her phone, yet not responding to me, so i carried on with my life.
Hmm, at least I've never had this happen in any relationship that went past the first 1 or 2 dates. My relationships tend to end a bit more explosively.
Only if your reasons are really shallow and superficial, (as so many are.) And besides, it hurts him worse not to know, so that's not an excuse.
Well see that's the thing, there is more to the story, the following day she wanted to see me (i got stood up this past Friday, was going to travel to Queens New York to see her). Basically, in a nutshell, Friday i was suppose to see her around 10 p.m, i text her stating "do you still want me to come", she said "hold on brb" and i never heard from her that whole night lol. Now to my recollection, she didn't even give me a reason why she did, she just apologized, so i thought nothing of it because i'm very laid back. That Saturday she wanted to see me, this time i stood her up lol, but not on purpose, she is the type to call last minute insinuating for me to see her (late at night cough cough), and then it will be ten at night and tell me to come around twelve. So waiting on the time to pass naturally i fell asleep, funny part is, i apologized and told her my reasons why, then i got the worst back lash(when a female get stood up world war 3 and vice verse it's not a big deal). Now Sunday i was suppose to see her and she stood me up (not going to prolong this), the funny part is, i said to myself watch she say "why you so mad, you fell asleep on me yesterday, i did too", and she did. So i said "perfect answer how cliche, lose my number".

Moral of my story is, i don't care what age you are (she is 32 i'm 25), some people never leave their teen mentality. People wonder why i'm still singe ::facepalm::.
Doesn't sound much like ANYbody won.
Nope, and that was the point of me telling her about the second time we was going to see each other, i said "why do you think i took revenge i didn't gain nothing out of not seeing you" yet her ego still made her do what she did Sunday.
Carol, I think people can only find the moral high ground when they are the sort who actually HAVE morals. Sadly, I've met people who honestly seem to have none.

I know how hard it is to leave someone; it would be easier if they were a terrible person. But of course, if they were, you'd never have gotten together with them in the first place. People are all a mixture of good and bad, and whether or not you stay together just depends on whether you can handle the less-desirable traits. But the fact that they are wonderful in some ways makes it so hard to tear yourself away.

If you've done our best, and you're not happy, then that's all you can do. No point in prolonging the inevitable... except that we usually do, anyway.

I wish you the best.


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