So my question to my fellow peeps, have you been stood up really bad, or have you ever met someone who was so compatible with you, your talked for like a week straight and they just stopped calling period ^_^?

To answer my own question, i was just stood up last night lol wasn't really bad considering i had a little green girl to relax the rest of my anger and night. My most "stood up moment" was when i was going to 42nd street to meet someone, and go to the movies. Now i don't mind waiting but when it's the last show i expect you to be on time, not only wasn't she on time, but she never showed up, this sounds like your typical stand up but, what made this worst is i lost my wallet somehow :( , so i had to ask people around (felt so embarrassing) for change to get on the train.

And as far as the calling then stopped, met this women who that happened to, conversation was amazing, both laughing joking, then we just stopped talking. To this day i still haven't asked her why she stopped talking to me, i guess in my head i felt it really didn't matter.

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Yeah, I got stood up twice - by the same girl, in fact. It was when I was living in South Carolina. I met a girl who worked at a drug store that processed the pictures for the newspaper I was working for at the time. She was really, really cute, great personality. I think she really liked me a lot. We talked and I asked her out; we arranged to meet at the parking lot in the strip mall the store was located at.

Appointed time came and went, no girl. Waited for a few hours, naively thinking she was running late. She never showed. I went home nearly in tears, another wasted Saturday night. We talked and we tried it again. Same result - never showed up. I went home really hurt and angry.

We hooked up later on but I wound up leaving the paper and moving back home to St. Louis - I was totally burned out and fed up with, well, a lot of things. I found out several years later she had gotten married to someone else.

Still think about it now and then and recall how hurt and embarrassed I was at the time. Haven't dated much since then either and I'm wondering if my best chance to find someone has passed me by - turned 50 back in September.
Going out on a first date once, leaving my roommates all having a men-suck girls night in, with boyfriend and singles woes. I felt all smug because *I* had a date.

Until that date stood me up. Came home to my roommates, slammed the door behind me, shouted "Men suck!" and proceeded to join the girls-night-in.

Other one, I'm not sure if it counts as "stood up." We hit it off well and I mean really, really well. Then all of a sudden, several weeks later, nothing but the cold shoulder. At least I didn't get all self-conscious, wondering what *I* did wrong. I felt it was really issues on his part. Especially since I was rebound-girl. But still: I am absolute crap at guessing what people are feeling/thinking. It sucks to have hit it off so well with the guy and all of a sudden, one day, it's like I've got the plague or something.

OK, I can't honestly figure out why anyone would do that to you. Every time I've let thing s lapse with someone, it was because there were obvious problems with the relationship in one way or another, or else we talked and decided to end things. I've never just pulled a disappearing act.

But I have had it done to me, and I always wonder why, and what happened.
Oh fine, discriminate against us weird, creepy men. I see how it is.

I dunno, really. I really have had emergencies pop up at the last minute ... not on a first date, but with other random dates. Someone should at least have the decency to call as soon as they find out. And if you've changed your mind and aren't feeling up to it, CALL. Better than letting someone wait around somewhere for an hour, wondering. Some people just have zero empathy.
Carol, I'm really, really sorry that that happened. The only thing I can say is that there are crumbs like that everywhere, (both men AND women!) but there are also good people who would never, ever do something like that. I hope you find one of them and that he will be able to restore some of your trust.
I agree, i think it's so wrong to stand someone up. He could have at least seen you and been a man to tell you face to face, smh.




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