I need help. Advice. Are there rules? What do I do? I haven't dated in about 4 years just because I didn't care and was focused on other things. Now I really want to date, but I forgot how!! I joined a couple of dating sites. One which I hate, and one that might be okay. . . Either way I am not a computer person and want to meet people in the real world, even if it all fails miserably! I just want to approach guys and tell them that they are taking me out. But I know this is too forward. But I am not the kind of girl to let my breasts hang out and act stupid either.. I try to make eye contact and smile- that's all I've got............

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I think you're set up pretty well here, actually. You're in a prime position to find a guy. Though it appears you've already taken the advice of others on the Nexus.

By the way, since you're in Panama City, how is Hunt's since they rebuilt it? I'm coming down for vacation after Christmas, and I really wanna visit it again. They had the best oysters ever.
I agree Hunt's is awesome. It's my sisters favorite restaurant. On Beck Ave. close to the marina. The new location is small but it's still good.
You don't tell a guy he's taking you out. You ask him out.
Well, that would be a sure way for one to save money in this economy, grin, tell the other guy he's taking you out! Maybe Anna's the one who's actually ahead of you on this one, smile.
That isn't an option for most of us guys.
I really have never asked a guy out. I want to sometimes, but I still think they should initiate the first date.
"I still think they should initiate the first date." Why? This is the 21st century, not the 1950's. LOL
It might be inconsequential but I think there is something to be said as a man as a hunter and protector- Also, I'm scared I will intimidate. Most men do not share Orson's views:)
I'm not intimidated by aggressive women.
I'm not sure if I ever really knew how to date or flirt to begin with.

Seems I've had better luck just being me and accidentally bump into someone who digs me. When I try I often screw up miserably.
Good point- However I have not really dated for almost 5 years. . I wasn't trying in that time and I'm always just myself. . So I have to get out there and be proactive- try something- I'm tired of not having sex!! lol
BTW, you should know that flirting only means making the other person feel good about themselves. That's the whole goal of flirting. Flirting itself doesn't actually have anything to do with dating per se. There are books on flirting on Amazon that don't have anything to say about dating at all. You can probably find flirting guidelines all over the Internet too.




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