I am 22 year old virgin male, I have never dated a girl in my life. Never kissed a girl
- I used to be nice, now I am mean.
- Now I am aggressive.
- I don't smile anymore.
- If someone asks me to smile, I scowl at them.
- I am much meaner to women, I pull bug pranks on them, I make fun of them.
- In college classes that are predominantly female, I make mildly sexist jokes.
- I feel extreme envy of couples being cute/affectionate.
- One time, I was playing truth or dare with some friends/acquaintances, a girl asked me "Have u ever french kissed a girl?" I said:" Only a peck on the lips", then some guy asked me mockingly if I am a virgin. I honestly felt like I wanted to keep hitting both of them with an ax until they severely bleed.
- 2 days ago I asked a girl out over text , who I had the hots for almost a year, she did not respond. I was not heart broken, I was not shocked, but feelings of apathy, indifference , and vengeance.
I don't care anymore if I die a kissless forever alone virgin. I think love is a mental plague.

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Soooo ... what are you asking?  Or what sort of response are you expecting?  Obviously, most of us will disagree with your last sentence.


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