I know all women say that they want romance in a relationship, but im so serious after the bullshits all said and done you realize how important a little spice in a relationship is. Its really nice to feel loved and cared about so many guys are just not understanding of those things. They get to a point where they feel like they have you "locked down" so to speak and they stop being spontaneous and romantic..wtf!! So in my next relationship I have romance as number one on my checklist-who's with me? I want your feedback.-Dark Cypress

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LOL.  True, true! 


Sadly, I always turn out to be the romantic one in the relationship.  So far, the women I've been with have been comprised of: an angry bitch, a spoiled child, a gold digger, a new age nut case, and one wonderful, reasonable woman. (The last was unfortunately lost through tragic circumstances.) 


If there's anything worse that wanting romance and not getting it, it's offering romance only to have it be ignored or disparaged.

im usually the romantic one too. online i appear crass but in person im warm... i promise.
Well, that's why you find someone who is a fantastic friend, too.  Then there's something there when the non-stop romance wears off.

Oooo...yes, I HATE that!  He feels like you're "his" now, so he doesn't have to try anymore....he might as well just lift is leg on you to mark his territory.  D:/p>


Haha, oh well, I have trouble hookin' 'em in in the first place!

  • ... he might as well just lift is leg on you to mark his territory.

Well, if you're into that sort of thing.  That's one of the few fetishes that I won't cater to, myself.  I still have horrified memories of some porn that the bassist in my first band inflicted upon me, which played to people with that ... inclination.

Lmao! I knew this girl once in San Diego... nevermind, ill just keep that to myself...
This one time...at band camp.....
Yeah, I know the stories.  I played sousaphone in marching band.




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