If there was any doubt in the 57 women here if I am single yes...

If there was any doubt in the 57 women here if I am single yes, and if I am looking yes I am looking so, if the other 143 men here have not yet contacted you I invite you all to contact me....this whole thing about living with my dog and marrying the animal doesn't seem all that enjoyable....

I am a PhD student at the University of Delaware in political science, I think I am fairly good looking, and why do I feel like I am a Russian mail order bride?

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All jokes about me killing myself should not be taken seriously...yet...:)
Nope nothing. It is ok.
I did however get rejected for saying a relationship should be based on reason and not so much irrational emotion. :(

Oh well.
Sounds vulcan to me :)

It's easy to think like that until you are in a relationship then sometimes emotions do take over..
I don't believe that needs to happen.
if you don't believe that needs to hapen then why want a relationship?
Read that:


People can do things without doing them for an emotional reason.
stop stressing about being single.. firstly you sound like *any* woman would do! I think you're cute and interesting but the more you ramble on and try to get it on with every woman the less appealing you seem!
Not any girl would do, but each girl is equal.

I'm ok if you find me less appealing, I shouldn't care what others think of me.
Just so you know I am not stressing about being single, I actually don't care, you are misreading what I think.
Oh dear.. chillax have a g&t.. :)




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