If there was any doubt in the 57 women here if I am single yes...

If there was any doubt in the 57 women here if I am single yes, and if I am looking yes I am looking so, if the other 143 men here have not yet contacted you I invite you all to contact me....this whole thing about living with my dog and marrying the animal doesn't seem all that enjoyable....

I am a PhD student at the University of Delaware in political science, I think I am fairly good looking, and why do I feel like I am a Russian mail order bride?

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I am not anti-emotion, I just for reason controlling our emotions.

I think this article explains my postion very well:

For a start reason does have some control of our emotions otherwise we would all be running round like headless chickens. Secondly, a lot of enjoyment and most important part about emotional feelings is that it is an automated response.. It doesn't have subtitles when you are watching a movie instructing you to "Cry Now" or "Laugh now" because those emotiona are expected by the story, dialogue and the music. You may be ready to jump into an existence governed by Vulcan logic but most people aren't and most women would require/want a partner who can elicit an emoitonal response.. No woman wants to be told she has "adequately and satisfactorily fulfilled a man's needs" or that she is "aesthetically pleasing for the most part", she wants an emotive response.



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