Are there any other Atheist goths out there? Cuz alot of people on nexus look kinda preppy-no offense of course, Im just trying to meet people that share similar interests. Talk to me fellow freaks :)


What kind of music do u guys like?

Black nail polish...?

Know any good Goth clubs in Michigan?

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I thought everyone grew out of those high school cliquish groups...

As for the music my tastes range from some shoegaze, death metal, ebm, gothic rock, industrial, gothic metal, classic rock, rap/hip hop, bossa nova, gregorian chant, folk music, etc.

Not sure about what goth clubs you'd find anywhere really. Biggest celebration for goths in the US I think is the Dracula Ball out in Philadelphia. Your best bet might very well end up being a fetish club then a goth club.

I feel your pain! When I was in high school I was goth-ish (I still hate taking on that label for some reason) and I was an atheist. I felt as though no one trusted me and they thought I was stupid and scary. For many reasons, none of them being the perception people had of me, I am no longer Goth but have no fear I do not think you are scary! Where at in Michigan are you? I lived in Windsor Ontario for a year from 2005-2006 and it seemed as though there was a fairly decent population of Goths and for the most part people in Canada are not as crazy religious as they are in the US, so maybe you could reach out to not just people in Michigan but Ontario as well, if you are up that way.


I was really into metal bands like Otep, nothingface, lollipop lust kill, slipknot and others I was also into some more gothic and industrial music like godhead, nine inch nails and type O negative.


Are you out of high school I am guessing? I think it gets better after that and people are more accepting of different view points in College.


You should also check out if you haven't already to see if there are some atheist meetups in your area or maybe some meetups of others who are into the goth scene

yes. (raises hand)
and i'm demented too, lol.
I'm not goth but people think I am and assume all kinds of stupid stuff about me because I have long, black hair and I wear black a lot. I do have a friend in Michigan who isn't atheist but is goth (she's 50!). I asked her about the clubs and this is what she said:
no good goth clubs here
but the main #1 club is in Detroit
dangerous as hell area
but the club itself is safe
dirty, but fun
hang on I
I'll get the address
It's considered more an industrial music club but it's swarming with goths, haha
also for more info on other clubs send them to here:
I'm a moderator there
they can ask and get info on any area where they are, might be a closer club to them
I'm not goth, but, let me be the first to say (maybe, I haven't really checked) that, as a member of the group collectively called "freaks", not all freaks wear make up. ;)

Come to think of it, while I'm not sure what a preppy is, I can't say I've ever seen someone I'd call normal. Just the wrong kind of weird, maybe.

Same deal here.  I'm not a goth, but probably half of my clothing is black ... maybe more than half, now that I think my way through my closet.  Most of the rest is red, gray, or khaki-brown.  I haven't done the goth thing since my early 20's, though.  I think I tossed my bottle of black nail polish a few years back, since I hadn't used it in years.  It seemed to me to be trying too hard.


My musical tastes are anything from hard rock to Celtic music to some of the harder modern jazz.  Disturbed, Gravity Kills, Switchblade Symphony, Loreena McKennitt, and Dave Weckl, to name a few.  There's plenty of softer stuff that I like too, like Blue October, Dresden Dolls, Tori Amos and bits and pieces of Dave Matthews Band's more complex songs.


Wouldn't know about goth clubs in Michigan.  We've got a decent gay (mostly), goth club in Raleigh.


I fit the freak category in many ways.  Depends what you're into.

C'mon down to Miami w/a black banjo on your knee.

Is it true that all goths are exhibitionists? Shit, vampires are all the rage in the bookstores down here, teen section huge.

The latest crop of vampire wannabes aren't goths.  Goths don't sparkle.

True. Plus they're elitist,stand off-ish & annoying.

I'm telling you,the next "vamp" chick I meet that's blathering on and on about how she wants to get it on at a graveyard is going to get an earfull.

They're not "dark", they're not mysterious and they're no where near unique or original.

Spoiled little rich suburbanites that want attention. That's all.

Gettin' you're groove on at at a graveyard? PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!

That B.S. is so 1980's.


You don't appear scary to me in the least. In fact,you look like the type of girl guys would fight over @ a typical metal show here in FL. lol


Goths and Metal Heads pair up all the time here it's common.






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