It was about 2 months ago that I fell in love with a girl who was working on her these in our center. At first everything was fine and I really loved her and I think she loved me back. She is not a real Muslim and she just believes in some kind of god or higher power which I could tolerate this without any problem. She hadn't any problem with atheism either. but after a month she refused to continue . the main reason was her traditional views about a shared life and marriage and …
Anyway my last breaking up proved it for me that my problem in dating is not just Islam and Muslims. It is also the culture, traditions and the way most girls think here(Iran). So it caused me to think again about dating internationally! It has another advantage for me too it can ease my immigration.
But I am not optimistic about it at all.
What do you think? Dose anybody have any experience?
Or even is there any suggestion ?!! ;)

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It all boils down to if you can handle a long distance relationship. Most people can't, but if the two of you can maintain it, bonza.
ObscureAtheist didn't say anything about long distance dating, it sounds more like his citizenship is from some other country but he's already in Iran himself because notice that he says "here(Iran)".
Yes unfortunately I am still in Iran and this relationship must start in a long distance way! but then ...
as i said i am not optimistic so i know and agree with you but communication can be done via Internet (chat email voice chat, video chat ,....) so it won't be so costly but still as a Persian proverb says : distance doesn't make friendship(or smth like this ..!!!)
'real muslim'?

I hear Iran was tricked by religion and, dunno if all, but heard an Iranian man state 'we are an aryan nation'... yikes, that's not friendly talk in America.

but, yeah, I'll admit I'm attracted to Persian women fersure.
i don't know who are talking about but personally i don't care about race color and ...
and when i said internationally i didn't mean US exclusively
Good luck fellow, but I don't see it working.
you said: "i think that u want international os u cant find other and cos it can help yr immiratio
these are no good reason to make a relationship"
Yes you are right BUT these are not my main reasons for dating(internationally or ...) but the point is these things prevent me from to date here so it s not bad to think about beyond borders!
about culture i think when rationality exists there is no need to stick to traditions and cultural issues however personally i can adapt myself easily to many environments .
yes you are right and because i couldn't find atheist girl here i started to think about international dating!
What i am doing here?! i was born here and still haven't been able to get the rid of here i am an ex-muslim
A long story that i have already written it in my blog the link is in my profile if you are interested in :)
I am in Iran!and not in big city,so i prefer to not mention its name here because as you may know nowadays even internet is not so secure here. i am 27, software engineer,recently have governmental job. i still live with my parents (both are religious Muslims)
and ...
yes you are right about foolish arrogance of Islam at least in other religion the penalty of leaving that is not death!
and thanks for your attentions




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