Think of all the things necessary to have sex possible.  It is too  much to think of isn't it?  So are we working as a team to make sure we are all having a great sex life, haha.  I don't know.  What could we do better to help each other out?  As an Athiest Single member I am part of the team, so to speak, but what role are we all playing?  Lots of questions here so if you have any input to what role we play in each others successful sex life I'd like to hear it.  Thanks.

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I'm not sure, but I bet this will take a lot of teamwork to solve. Anyone?

Good usage of lube ... not those horrible water-based ones, either.
Hey, he didn't specify.  :-D  It's not "necessary" for sex, but it improves the experience greatly.  Without, I tend to wear women out more quickly.
I am not so sure what you are talking about.  How does this relate to a team effort for sex?
I kind of enjoy the negative reactions, at times, and go out of my way to cause them.  Childish of me, I know, but some people are so easily offended that I consider it a moral imperative to assist them in achieving their favorite emotional-state.




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