but it is a singles-related one, so hopefully this is appropriate here.


I find it kind of irksome that people are always willing to tell you what *not* to do, but are rarely able to offer any guidance as to what the correct course of action should be.  A case in point: counselors and self-help books are very heavy on where one should not approach a woman to strike up a conversation, but don't say much about what the right circumstances are.


Obviously, if she's racing to catch a train, that's NOT an opportune moment. Just as obviously, if you're both at a singles get-together, that's fine.  But what about the rest of life, where things are not nearly so clear-cut? 


So how about it, ladies?  In what times & places would you be most inclined to welcome an unexpected meeting with an interesting stranger?  Where do you hang out, when hoping to meet someone?  In short, when and where should a guy go, to look for you?

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Yeah, apartment complexes built in the past 10 or 15 years tend to have washer/drier hookups, but there are lots of apartments older than that which just aren't worth retrofitting. Anyone living in one of those has to use the laundromat.

And yeah, someone waiting for the laundry to finish is probably bored silly. It sounds like a good scenario, for guys, in which you're less likely to be dismissed out of hand.


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