I was on my way to Seoul yesterday and listening to the radio. They were interviewing a researching who has most currently studied kissing and its implications along with physical and chemical reactions.

She talked about the difference on how we related to kissing based on our gender.

As a male I look at it as a gateway activity to sex. If I'm good at kissing and talking hopefully it will lead to sex.

I don't remember the name of the female researcher they interviewed, Seoul traffic was keeping me mildly occupied. I just thought it might be an interesting topic on Valentines Day.

What are your views, do you like kissing? Do you look forward to that first kiss? Is there something special you like to do while kissing? Toss out your ideas!

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Mmmmmmmmm, kim chi.  Who cares about the cancer part?  It's yummy.
Actually it was a US researcher doing a study in the states.
kissing is a sexual activity. unless it's with your mom or something. but even then Freud would have a few things to say
No idea, anyone want to help me find out if I like kissing or not?
You haven't figured that out, yet?  O.o
Think about it for a second.
Heh heh heh.  You sneaky little devil, you.  :-D
It can be a gateway activity, depending on the individual!  I don't dig kissing in particular.  But...when I am really attracted to someone and we begin to kiss, well, my mind does wander.

I'm actually not a fan of kissing. I used to view it favorably but most guys don't quite know how to do it and it ends up being painful or just plain messy.

Even when I did like it I never saw it as a 'gateway activity', but as well, I was never one of those people who envisioned penetrative sex as a finish line for a sexual encounter.

I am just saying that I'm odd, when it comes to what I associate with intimate acts, so I'm definitely not the expert on it.

I like kissing.  I have kissed many men and women who I had no intention of having sex with.  On the other hand, I don't like kissing during sex.  Once we get into the thick of it, I'm through kissing.  It's distracting. 


I'd like to know how others feel about kissing with no intention of sex.  I think I'll take this topic over to Secular Sexuality.

Omg, I thought I was the only one that didn't like kissing during sex!

Yeah, what sucks is that you'd think the other person would pick up on the fact that you aren't initiating any kissing and they'd stop, but sometimes that doesn't happen:(  I actually stopped having sex with a reasonably fun girl because she wouldn't give it up even after I spoke to her about it.  I mean, once I bring it up and my partner refuses to comply, I'm just irritated.  Especially when it is occuring when I am trying to seal the deal.  I think you can tell how ruffled I am about this topic!




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