After searching high and low, I am slowly coming to a realization that there are very few women, if any, that I seem to be even partially compatible with close to me. And by close I mean within 100 miles.


I am becoming more open to the idea of a long distance relationship. At least a temporary one.


Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Tried it once. Didn't work out. Good luck to you though.

I've decided that I will most likely end up being that guy who lives alone and talks to his cats.

But that's cool with me, at least I can leave my socks all over the living room floor and fart without getting bitched at...

I would say go for it. I was in a LD relationship for 2 years and it was great. (It stopped because of my atheism, not the distance).


The key to a LD relationship is communication. You and your other have to make habits of being honest, trusting, and willing to talk about whatever is on your mind.


It is hard, but definitely doable. You get to really know a person because all you have is talking, and when you do get to see them, you don't really fight about the small things. You just enjoy your time together :)

Like whats has already been said. You have to be able to trust them otherwise it doesn't work. But it's not impossible.. Just I would draw the line for a LD relationship for anywhere that can't be daytripped.

It all depends on your ability to relocate.  Or hers.  One or the other.


Hell, I know a couple that got together after the one moved from England to America.  They were talking online for something like a year, before he moved here.  There are many obstacles, but it can work.

Looks like I'm getting into one myself. Just like you Dan I am almost giving up on finding someone near me that can tolerate my views. We are 7 hrs driving distance from each other but she is my fetish. Does anyone think it's doomed to get in it with fetish in mind or think that would empower the relationship and make it work?
If you've got someone that you like, aside from the fetish, I don't see why not.  Which fetish?
Tattoos. I totally dig that. I have always steered clear of the long distance relationships and so has she but we seem to be unusually drawn to each other.

Hmm, not half as weird as I was expecting.


7 hours isn't even all that bad.  You can make a weekend of it and see her on a regular basis, once you get to the point of the relationship where you're sleeping over at each other's place.  Heck, I'm nearly an hour from my girlfriend.  What's kind of screwed up is that I work in the city she lives in and she works in the city I live in.

I'm sure the distance will seem closer as we get used to traveling it.


At least you or the other can just stay put after work to see each other. I'm still saving up for a jet. :P

Yup, that's how some of the sleepovers happen.  Not most of them, but she's not as big on driving, so she'd often rather drive the night before, rather than the morning of work.  It's all just for the sake of convenience, mind you, no other motives at all.

I was in a long-distance relationship until just a couple weeks ago, actually.  While it didn't end as a direct result of the distance, the distance did put a strain on our relationship, as it's really hard to communicate effectively and feel a sense of intimacy when you are so far from the other person and largely communicate through text.

I think that a major problem was that we did communicate primarily through text.  I think that if you want a long-distance relationship to be successful, you should take advantage of things like Skype or other video chat services.  Being able to see and hear the other person makes the relationship feel far more intimate, and it's just easier to communicate when you're able to pick up non-verbal cues and such.

Or use your cell phone and talk after your nights and weekends kick in.  Surely one person on either side of the relationship must have a cell phone.


I can see how video can be beneficial at times, though, yeah.




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