I should say at the outset that I'm a bit of a poser here on the Atheist Singles group, being neither single nor looking.  But I came here to see if I could find a pen-pal for a special friend of mine.

This is a guy, early 40s, talented musician and brilliant writer, and a ferocious atheist, who is about halfway through a 15-year sentence in a federal prison in the U.S.  I met him through a pen-pal program run by a subset of the Secular Student Alliance -- a program that tries to match atheists in prison with volunteers on the outside, with similar interests. 

This man is in a facility with thousands of other men, and his only contact with the outside world is through the mail.  He only corresponds with his family and a very few friends.  He tells me that he has lost touch with half of humanity -- the female half.

So I am hoping there is someone reading this who would like to correspond with my friend.  I suppose he is hoping to have a girlfriend again, but for now, I think he would just really appreciate a feminine perspective in his life.  Therefore I think that age, marital status, and sexual orientation are not as important as a warm heart and the willingness to spend a little time writing. 

If anyone would like more information, contact information, or what have you, you can write to me privately.  Perhaps this discussion thread can serve as a starting point for issues of long-distance relationships, and how we deal with being involuntarily separated from those we care about.

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