Post your likes and dislikes, guys.

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and why are stopping at 40? what, the rest of us are too old? :D
sry for posting in the other one.  I am 25.

I'm 29.  I tend to be very introverted.  I like to read a lot, usually on my Kindle or the Kindle app for my Ipod.  If you were to see me out in the real world I'd be the quiet guy with the headphones on most of the time.  I like movies and TV shows, but almost never watch TV live.  I like DVDs or Tivo; I don't think someone I don't know should dictate when I watch TV.


I tend to avoid situations theat have large groups of people, unless its something I can't avoid like an airport.  I typically dislike people the first time I meet them.


A short random list of things I like: painting/drawing, warm weather, sunshine, chocolate, craft beer, rock climbing, canoeing, honesty, intelligence, sleeping, mountain biking, a sense of humor, travel, parties, live music, BBQ, nature, Godzilla, Friday nights, trees, water, science, blue & green,  and of course sex.


A few things I don't like: insane squirrels, fundamentalists, going to the Dr., snow/winter, peanuts, asparagus, uptight people, stupidity, country music, 95% of all television, insomnia, headaches, random lists, fascists, commercial/talk radio, shopping....


I'm fairly far to the right, you might even call me a fascist, though I am not.

And I am unfortunately addicted to conservative talk radio.

Wow.  I think I love you.


Actually, you had me at "NOT HOT".

Oklahoma City, OK

I'm an openminded person who likes to learn things. I'm always reading about stuff that interests me at the moment and I enjoy talking to like minded people. Things I like to read about: history, science, technology, world politics, and nerdy stuff. I try not to take life too seriously as most problems are easily solved and theres no need to get overly worked up over them. I enjoy talking to friends about random stuff I've come across, and having a good old debate over some conflicting view we inevitably will have. One thing I dislike are people that are close minded and cling to outdated world views that have no relevance in the modern world.

Other things I like are traveling, especially if I can go on my motorcycle, going to shows, or events around the city, going to thrift stores to look for neat things, playing video games with friends, or going to a coffee shop and reading something for hours on end on my kindle.

My music tastes include rock, techno, and industrial. I dislike most rap and country.
Likes: Smart, funny, freethinking, sunshine, cooking, running (sometimes - and not only when I'm being chased), Angry birds, nature, star gazing.

Dislikes: judginess, being late.

I really love trying new foods and running around and living.  I have a wide variety of interests, most strongly anthropological as far as philosophy goes, and science, science fiction, and literature.


Um, I'm an omnitarian?  If it looks good, eat it, sort of thing?


I enjoy writing and am getting into gardening.


I dislike very little.  I'm not a fan of big corporations, though I acknowledge that to some extent we need them.  Don't like people who think taxes are unfair and use public roads, libraries, schools.  Don't like people who use non-commercial private roads and who don't like libraries.  I like vegans alright, but I'm a big fan of a wide variety of food, and I won't limit my diet for anything other than health reasons.


I hate Bacon Bits, especially with ranch dressing.  Even having the ranch as an aside can make me super nauseous.

Well I mostly like the arts, going to museums, comics, video games, concerts, listening to hard rock and like reading/watching educational material.

Dislikes is mostly country and ignorant/bigoted people.

okay, here comes the most delayed response to a thread EVER! Lol! By the way... i hope you post somethng like this for the ladie's likes as well, that would be very interesting to read. Anyway... the list i know i will come to regret posting. Lol!


Likes: freethinking women (no exceptions), star wars, bands (earth wind and fire, depeche mode, zeppelin, morrisey, alice in chains, and sinatra, amongst many others), the beach, relaxing (i'm southern, gimme a break!) movies (i LOVE movies... going to movies, netflix, redbox, etc), goin to baseball games, museums, wine tastings, festivals, concerts, and really just hangin with friends. i also love NFL football. i  watch nerdy stuff on tv mainly.. msnbc, cnn, discovery, nova, pbs, history channel, documentaries, etc. i do like fiction tv every now and then like Criminal Minds, Daily Show, Colbert Report, First 48, and probably a couple others i don't feel like tryin to remember right now. in terms of women i like or am into. I like all races, credes, ethnicities, etc. i really don't discriminate based on origins. i do discriminate based on decision making skills, so i shall transition into dislikes. i yeah... i tend to like petite and thin or petite and curvy, since i'm barely 6" tall and thin (not skinny, i prefer to be called "thin" thank you very much). i also like women who aren't afraid to be opinionated and who swear/curse. i went to boarding school when i was young, so i know how to do shit around the house, so i'm not into a "2nd mom" lookin to take care of a guy or pretend like their boyfriend is the kid they haven't had yet. fuck that shit. i also HIGHLY value honesty and trust in women (and in all people i deal with for that matter).


dislikes: fundamentalists, followers, people who have issues with people who are different then them. if you have railed on the internet about blacks, whites, mexicans, people on welfare, or support most republicans (even ron paul) i probably will just assume you are selfish, greedy, and a biggot most likely. sorry... i know, i know.. the truth hurts, but someone's gotta say it. also, not into women who are starved for attention. i like sexy, and mini skirts, and cleavage, and whatever floats your boat, but if you're one of those women that it ruins your day if every guy in the place is trippin over themselves to try to fuck you... then you don't need me, you need a therapist. in a social setting i would most likely find a way to appear interested only in order to drop a suttle insult that completely ruined your fucking night. just for being so shallow and self absorbed. (yeah... i roll like that) and i'd laugh about it later too.


so in summary, i'd say i'm a fairly normal guy, stereotypical in the fact that i like sports, boobs, and listening to music way too loud. i'm nerdy too because i love star wars, reading nonfiction, watching the news, following politics, and discussing current events. not really the knight in shining armor your mom told you would come someday... not super spontaneous, not much of a romantic either. i'm very empathetic and caring though, and i don't believe in lieing or cheating. i've been told i'm "reserved" in social settings. far from shy, but definately not the center of attention type either. somewhere in the middle. of my group of friends i guess i would say i'm the funny one that plans all the get togethers and shit. yeah... like a character on friends or something. just not that lame (hopefully). Lol!

Nah, I've seen threads lay dormant for almost a year, only to explode back to life when one person makes a new post, and then half a dozen others jump in, in response to that first one.  Only been three months, with this one.


Oh, and I don't know that I would classify The Colbert Report and The Daily Show as fiction TV ... just full of things you wish were fiction.




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