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I understand exactly your position. I've moved around quite a bit during my life, but am now just a little too comfortable to readily pull up stakes, even though living just about anywhere else would probably improve my chances of meeting someone.  Owning property, having a good (and enjoyable) job, lots of friends in the area, and so on, makes it hard to contemplate leaving.  And also in a similar way, this area is not very conducive to a woman moving here to be with me, as the majority of jobs in the area tend to be in fields that women, by and large, are not much interested in. (The main reason why there are comparatively so few single women here.)

Life is indeed about choices, but that's a bit of a tautological statement. More usefully, a satisfying life is usually a result of learning to make *good* choices. 

Originally I'm from the SF bay area, but have also lived in Nevada, Hawaii, Idaho, Colorado, Florida, the Bahamas and Germany.  Unfortunately, the places I like the best are usually the ones where it's the most difficult to make a living.  (There may be connection there, or maybe not.)

The definition of the term "liberal", much like that of "conservative", varies from place to place and often depending on who you are talking to. Around here, a "liberal atheist" may well not believe in the existence of God, but very likely *does* believe in astrology, Bigfoot, psychic energy, and that Elvis was secretly kidnapped by the CIA from his job at 7-11, and brainwashed into assassinating Michael Jackson.   Which just goes to show that you can't depend on labels.




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