State you likes and dislikes. Brevity and accuracy will get you better results!  Think like a lawyer.

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I am 45. I am a father of two teenagers who live with their mother, my ex-wife. I love science, star trek, computers, astronomy, nature, hiking, camping, swimming, audio books, science news articles and podcasts. I hate religion. I like a smart woman with at least a little self confidence, and a little independence. I am overweight.

I'll be 43 Feb 6th

I like to sing at karaoke bars, because I'm good.

I like to explore new places and things.

I like being happy and being with happy people.

I like cats.

I like craft beer, and Cabernet Sauvingnon.

I like cool weather.

I like talking about important ideas and learning new things from people.


I don't like TV programming, I do watch shows but usually not when they air. I don't leave the TV on for more then a couple shows.

I don't like career federal politicians period.

I don't like spearmint it gives me a headache.

I don't like house centipeds.

I don't like tobacco smoking, I used to smoke, at times I've enjoyed clove cigarettes and a fine cigar but I think it's out of my system.

I don't like the heat.

Oh one more thing, I'm a coffee snob.

Let me see.. think like a lawyer... Okay, here it goes.


I like anything you like, unless I don't really have to. In which case I'll just pretend too while I ignore it or just ridicule it until you no longer like it either.

Anything you dislike, I absolutely loath. Unless of course you're not around. Then if I really do like it, I'll enjoy it behind your back. If i get caught I'll ask to see your evidence and then blame someone else. 


Okay, thats about all the thinking like a lawyer I can handle for today. I need to a shower now.


Seriously though. I like to laugh, and Im not particularly fond of lawyers. :)

LOL, are you calling me a fake southern woman? ;)

Im just equating lawyers to politicians, who are, for the most part shallow and dishonest.

Plus... lawyer/politician jokes are always easy.


Happy Friday!


I like mythbusters and youtube. I don't like football.




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