Hi all! I'm a single & looking rational female (I understand there's a shortage). 26, I live in Florida with my 3 year old son and ignore UV warnings daily. I just broke free of the mental slavery about one year ago, and am greatly enjoying knowledge about the world around me. For the first time in my life, I'm studying science and philosophies that were considered "heathen" and am learning a lot.

I'm an active atheist. Pretty much everyone I know, including my theist family, knows what I don't believe. I'm very outspoken about child indoctrination and the high frequency of child abuse that occurs in various forms of faith belief.

Finally - I can't cook. Not even a little bit. But I love fantasty/sci fi, I'm funny, I read everything I can get my hands on, and am never dull. Looking forward to meeting y'all!

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Welcome Angie. I hope you find some love out there!
Thanks - you too

In time you will find an awesome atheist out there. Cheers
Here's hoping - I'm up to my ears in theists
lol and Hey! to you too
Greetings - when you find someone, kindly send his older, like-minded brother my way.


Good luck to us all!
hahah! Will do Mary
oh and p.s i can cook lol
i know you have heard this before but welcome. hope you can find someone that you can digg lol
Hi Rhett (btw, that's a VERY southern name, all Gone with the Wind)
Well as everyone before me has said, welcome Angie. How is the search coming for you? Are you having any luck? I know what you mean by being up to your ears in theists. At least you are in Florida. I am stuck right in the middle of the Bible Belt. I am the only atheist that I personally know. It sucks, but it is nice coming on here and being able to talk to people with views that are at least somewhat similar. Well I hope you are having some luck and enjoying this site. I'm already a big fan.




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