so I wanna go on a tirade about smoking cigarettes ( and the alternatives for for Pot)

I live on Oahu.

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So what's your beef?
Just out of curiosity, what do you do with the filter?

And that's rough... was the guy even asked to put it out before they went apeshit? I remember one city's by laws had it where if you were going to split to smoking and non, you had to have different ventilation, and that worked fine, or you had to be either full on smoking or full on non-smoking. Most of the pubs either put in the ventilation as required or went full on smoking.
Saying it is stupid to ban smoking in a club or bar is very shortsighted! The most obvious reason is people work there! Everyone deserves a safe workplace devoid of toxic air. The part about drinking is unhealthy does not hold up either, a drink or two will not harm you a bit. In fact moderate drinkers live longer! Smoking however is just plain poison that kills million each year and will take on average 15 years off your life.

Business are privately owned. I think any business should be able to choose if they allow smoking or not with the exception that if they allow smoking then they should not allow persons under the age of 18 in. As for the workers, you don't have to work at a bar that allows smoking. If you don't like it find a job that doesn't allow smoking on site. If a place is going to have smoking and non smoking areas they should have to have ventilation that creates a negative pressure towards the smoking section or completely seals the smoking section from the non smoking section including separate entrances.


Plenty of privately-owned businesses are subject to other, similar ordinances.  Saying that they're a private business, and they can do whatever they want is an invalid argument, unless you want to nullify just about every regulation on any private business.


And why force the age restriction on any business that wants to allow smoking?  That seems more restrictive than the general smoking-ban.

Scott that's a pretty antideluvian sentiment there! What is the difference between a barmaid or bartender and an asbestos worker? an office worker? (thousands of secretaries died of lung cancer that never smoked, they got pleenty at work)

The "negative pressure" area or smoking room is an unnecessary expense and not justifiable. Why spend good money too support the tobacco companies?

Well in the town I lived in for college--most of the bars were smoking, but the best beer bar in the city was also nonsmoking, with a back porch if you really couldn't live without it. It was much much nicer in the beer bar--The Alcove, because of this. The place never smelled of stale beer and smoke like every other bar in the city.

"Well one of these hands has to hold booze, I can't waste my precious time looking for a garbage can to get rid of this."


"Yeah, I don't care if you have ashtrays outside, I'm smoking in your house."


I want to title something: Stupid Pot-smokers. Giving the halfway decent pot smokers a really bad name.


My (20 year old)sister also took up smoking because it "made her look cool" and "calmed her nerves".


I, on the other hand, have gotten lung infections from the two times I've actually smoked. It's a sign! A sign that I have very sensitive lungs. I am a delicate flower when it comes to anything stronger than Caffiene, apparently.


Also, I hate people who are existing on food stamps but will take the money to finance such an EXPENSIVE habit.

"Yeah, I don't care if you have ashtrays outside, I'm smoking in your house."


You've actually heard this one?  Christ.  Anyone who tried smoking in my house despite my express demand not to would no longer be my friend.

Friend of the family. He was about to light up inside and I pointed out that we have a looovely back deck, covered from the harsh sun for the day and already containing 2 ashtrays for use, as well as comfy chairs to recline in.


He also killed our Orchid. Asshole.

Some friend. Hopefully not invited back?
Well he hasn't been back since. I assume my parents learned their lesson about inviting their "friends" over for drinks when many of them have no clue when to stop ingesting booze...




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