Ok, so due to my inability to lower my standards, I have unwittingly dedicated myself to becoming an atheist nun....(kidding, but that's the way it's turning out). So I live in the buckle of the bible belt, I'm educated, attractive for my age, own my own business, and mindless sex is just so easy (and boring) for us....isn't it ladies??? (You guys know that's true) But finding someone you actually WANT to be with, now that is where things get good and complicated!! I've decided in my wisdom, that I will not settle. Since MOST atheists live far far away from me, it never really occurred to me to try and find a man that could keep up with me intellectually on this site, but what did occur to me, was that I would meet awesome people who are intelligent, well spoken, educated, (whether self taught or schooled), witty and socially aware. I have hit the mother load there!!! This site helps me hold on to the fact that there are growing numbers of people just like me out there and I am not alone!! Rational, kind, and well spoken non-believers! I LOVE yall people....!!! (no but really, I do! That's a facetious southern accent btw and yeah, I am a southern girl and lovin there are so many talking atheists on this site!!!)
Now that being said....it can be a lonely life. But I just can't, and won't settle. You feel me?

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The points raised above have many elements of fairness, but do please make distinction between the "socially awkward goobers" who are are oblivious to good taste and tact, for lack of practice or unwitting defect of character; and the womanizers, the cads and loutish manipulators, who willfully objectify women as badges of conquest, as mere material to be used and discarded.  You may find that amongst the goobers are many man of generosity and laudable conviction, who would make excellent husbands, if only given a gentle nudge to overcome their superficial blights. 

Lol! ya'll kill me... this is a funny post, i like it though. i seriously can't see how any of you ladies could possibly have trouble meetin guys. maybe trouble weedin through all the potentials in order to find the perfect one, but that is a problem most would wish to have. i think the issue is that there are still so many people in the closet. i mean... online between A/N and FB you would think there are like a million atheists here in atlanta, but if you go to a meetup, it's like 10 people and 9 of them are guys. so i don't know... guess i'm in the priesthood too now since my gf decided to move back to her home country. what to do, what to do....


Awww....damn....I'm sorry man!  Well, welcome back to being single.  It does have some advantages, if you don't mind being celibate.... :(  Anyhoo...I have been to a few Free Thinker's meetings in my area, and while you are right, there are more guys than girls, I'm 41 years old, and most of them are a lot younger than me.  The ones that are my age, well, there is just no attraction.  Guess I'm hard to please.....lol.  Anyway, sorry to hear about your gf.  That sucks.  Hopefully your being in Atlanta will be more conducive to your finding your atheist soul mate!!  Maybe I should move........hmmmmmm
I can see about not settling for a religious person yes, so I guess it goes as well for a long relationship with an atheist who might not make you happy.  I dont think it is so bad to have standards or desires or personal flavor.  It doesn't mean you dont respect a person if they are just not your taste.  A lot depends on your situation, and yes I mean desparation.  For example, if you are starving you might put just about anything in your mouth.
Everything you say here is true. I think if you settle for someone that will never really make you happy, you are doing yourself and that someone a real dis-service.  I'm 41, been through 2 husbands, and what can I say?  I'm still believing there is someone out there who will be "the one".  Problem is, I'm not sure I trust my own judgment anymore...rofl.....ohhhh that's sad....
We are the same age and I also have problems with not knowing what to do when it comes to relationship.  I never married and do not desire to marry because I have problems with what it is.  Marriage is no solution to relationship.  Relationship is much more complex than a social portrayal of relationship.  The desire to be with the opposite sex is ever present though.  A relationship with the opposite sex has its benefits as it goes with sexual safety and personal behavior.  The ability to finance the relationship is tricky as well because there is no guarantee that the relationship will last and you need to continually look after yourself in order to actually survive.  Dolphins kinda just fuck on the fly, but yeah we are not dolphins.  One of the major concerns for us atheists is how society does not support our concerns.  Having less support in our daily activities gives us a differnent kind of challenge than the general public.  Going forward and looking ahead is full of obsticals that challenges our civil rights.  The U.S. government is at battle with its self in terms of government size and free interprise.  Government should not be a dictatorship and it should not be idle when its tax paying citizens are suffering.  With a growing population and a lagging sense of environmental support we need to learn how to live small and work as a team to support our needs.  I believe it is possible to live with the people we have and not destroy ourselves in the mean time but it involves design and leadership.  I just hope I can use it before I lose it.

Yeah, I wanna use it before I lose it too......and I will most probably never get married again.  Shacking up sounds good....


If you don't have one person who is dependent upon the other, financially, and you're not planning on children, I don't see the point of marriage, myself.  There's an argument to be made about grabbing the financial and legal benefits given to married couples in this country, but I'm speaking from a social perspective here.
I get tired of women mentioning how mindless sex is so easy to come by. It's a little insulting to those of us that choose to be celibate until think you have a worthwhile relationship, it demeans the act knowing that you might just be an easy lay.
I think MY point is, that I AM celibate because I CHOOSE to be.  That I could have mindless sex if that was what I wanted, but it's NOT, hence I am in the nunnery.  Any girl that is remotely cute, can get mindless sex, if that is what she wants.  Those of us here, aren't into that kinda thing.  I think that is the point of this thread.  Does that make sense?

  I guess I'm just jealous. My wife left a over a year ago, we still talk and she tells me how great her sex life is. I have none because I choose to wait for a relationship, but even if I was a male slut I don't think my past year would have been any different.


Oh, I get it Phil.....I've been right where you are, except my ex husband didn't wait til we were divorced to start his male whore sex life and is still shocked I walked away because they didn't mean anything.  First thing you need to do, is tell your ex that you don't care to discuss sex with her, and if it keeps fucking you up, maybe you should just not talk to her at all.  It seems harsh, but at some point, you need to let go of any connection with her, so you can heal and move on.  I know this from personal experience.  I finally put a stop to talking to the ex.  I was immediately in a better place.  If she cares for you at all, she will understand.  Best of luck!!!  Sorry you are in the order of celibate atheists, but you are in good company!


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