I got an email from OkCupid:


Greetings, fellow atheist. This is Chris from OkCupid. I know from hard experience that non-believers have few holiday entertainment options:

  • Telling kids that Santa Claus is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of things that don't actually exist
  • Asking Christians to explain why they don't also believe in Zeus
  • Messaging cute guys

Towards making that last one more likely for you, we've devised a special wintery match algorithm, and we'll be sending you a seasonal special someone each day for 12 days.



[The name of and picture of the guy was here in the email.]


Here's another awesome thing: he's reading a similar message about you right now. Why not drop him a line?


All the best,

Chris Coyne




And Chris is a real boy! Here's his profile!



I was so excited, I thought to share it with you guys. 

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I do most of my commenting on here from my phone. Its kind of a pain... so I just leave the typos and hope y'all catch my drift and don't think I'm an idiot.
So did anyone get more than one match?
I didn't.




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