I am new to this site. I live in the N. Virginia area and am interested in companionship and friendship of likeminded people. I am hoping this group will give me a few leads.

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Hi James! Where in N.Va.? I grew up in Fairfax and Loudoun counties (with an early stopover in Prince William). I've moved so many times! Manassas, Clifton, Vienna, Centreville, Hamilton, Leesburg, Countryside, Tyson's Corner. I'm in North Carolina now, and something tells me it's not my last stop. :-)
Hey Stacey, I'm in the Stafford area, since 1993. I consider California home even though I was not born or raised there. I don't think my ride is over either. Don't know much about NC. Still trying to figure Virginia out. Not sure how well my Freethinking is working down here. It is an interesting challenge.
Oh, down near Quantico. I understand the California-->Virginia culture shock. It's even worse down yonder in Nawth Cahlina. I don't feel like I fit in, but there are lots of things to do, and lots of wineries. :-) I've been to northern California and I loved it. San Francisco is my second-favorite city, after New York. And I'd give anything to live in a cottage under some redwoods on the Russian River. Back to reality...
Well, you moved to the wrong part of North Carolina.  The Triangle is liberal as hell and has a decent-sized atheist community.  Charlotte also has an active group.
I moved to the part I could afford. After 21 months of unemployment, this is like Disneyland.
Ah, yeah, issue.  Problem for me is that all of the jobs I'd want are mostly in large cities.  I'd lose more, in gas and wear and tear on the car, than I would gain by living out in the middle of nowhere.

I lived in the San Jose area and really loved San Francisco. No city like it, in this country anyway. Virginia has nothing remotely close. We do have lots of trees, deers, and mountains though. And of course, D.C. But the ice and cold during winter, and the humidity in summer - who needs it. Big cities don't attract me much. If I were a swinging extravert, maybe. Not sure where I will move to next. Me and Virginia are not a perfect fit.


The biggest problem with this website is that it is so hard to find people locally. I wish they would divide it up geographically or at least enable a search of people by state or metro area.


There are specific groups for most states.  This group just isn't one of them.  Divvying up 150 active members by state wouldn't accomplish much.  I want to talk to the whole group, not just the two other people in my state.
You should try OKCupid.com this site is pretty popular in the Atheist/Agnostic community, because the profiles plainly state religious views.  I have had some pretty interesting dates and also realized that there are more people than I think that share my view of religion.  Maybe you should give it a shot???  What have you got to lose?  I haven't found love, but I've found some great new friends!


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