People have made lots of comments to other posts about online dating and I thought it would be fun to kind of compress those into a separate topic.  This is a place to discuss the good times, the bad times, and the plain weird ones.  Talk about your ideas of dating online in general, etc., etc.

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Oh.  OK, I get it.  

Funny, though; I dated a female weight lifter for a while.  It was kind of fun to be with someone who wasn't so delicate.

Hear, hear on the BMI thing.  It says I'm obese, because I am 5'5" and weigh 150 pounds.  In reality, I am fit.  And I've got your tickets. 
In my okcupid profile (I quit all the other sites I was on because I was wasting my money) I leave the-type category blank, and then in the actual profile I specify that I'm 119-122 lbs and 5 ft 3 in or a few 1/16 of an inch less.  Under "what do people first notice about me" area, I just say "I'm skinny. I have thick hair."  I thought this information was inappropriate but I wished it would be ok that I mention it, it is actually ok to say, right?  I didn't do anything to make myself this way I just got this way by accident (or maybe its because I only eat fruit, but I don't feel like I do anything ot make myself skinny). 
  • Under "what do people first notice about me" area, I just say "I'm skinny. I have thick hair."  I thought this information was inappropriate but I wished it would be ok that I mention it, it is actually ok to say, right?

Sure, nothing wrong with saying that.  In your place, I'd inject a bit of self-depreciating humor.  Something like ... you're really skinny, which causes your older relatives to try to shove food into you, any time they see you.  I know that's an Italian thing, at least, not sure about with Jews.  For your hair, work in a ridiculous metaphor, perhaps.  It's thick as ... I dunno, something.  I haven't thought about it.


And yeah, that's not a bad idea, just listing your height and weight.  It can be an issue with visualization, for some people, but then you've got full body pictures which will make it obvious.  No worries.

Women typically fudge/lie/exaggerate their weight and their age, men, their height and their age.   A whole lot of wishful thinking going on, I'd say.

That second photo - the one at the cabaret - is very pretty. That's definitely a keeper.


I no longer even bother to check weight or height; there are too many other, more important things. 

Thanks--my friends say my smile always looks murderous, though.

It's actually from freshman year of college-my hair was much shorter then, I can't even curl it now.


And I agree--weight and height aren't as important as interests. The guy who turned me down recently, we actually shared a lot in common, we spent hours talking about various fandoms, we shared booze stories.

Another guy, we came up with an idea on how to have weightless or relatively weightless sex happen--we discussed it for hours, the exact perameters, various levels of engineering, he suggested one of those massive fans that skydivers use for training for body formations--but I said it would be too loud and complicated to acquire, plus both 'passengers' would have to deal with it's effects. My futuristic science-fiction solution was a set of straps, applied to the body, that had rare-earth magnets or metal in them, and then they would be used to hold up various parts of the body, so you don't have the problems you normally have with bondage--mainly strain on wrists or ankles, and you would be able to fine-tune the repulsion of each with electricity. My "this will work today" solution is having sex in a fluid(gas or liquid) that is denser or about as dense as human body tissue. Water is the most obvious one but a non-toxic non-corrosive heavy gas would work as well(I'm not scientific to know if one exists). All that's needed is a tank that can hold the fluid and the two people doin' it.

I asked him out and he said he wasn't ready to date at that time, and the next day he was dating a 17-year-old.

Talk about your mixed signals. But it was very fun to discuss. Hence me asking him out.

Just FYI - weightless sex is not all it's cracked up to be.  Trust me on that one. There's nothing to hold on to, every small movement tends to send you flying apart, there's so much going on it's hard to concentrate, it's all very frustrating.  Gravity is definitely your friend, here.


Although LOW gravity might be fun - say about half a gee...  

I met a guy that told me he was "recently divorced" and that he was completely done with that relationship and she had moved out and was long gone etc etc, come to find out he was not as divorced as he said he was and she still had many things at their place, including the couch, the couch that we snuggled on while watching a movie. ick.
Meh.  Yeah, if the papers aren't finalized, you're not divorced.




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