Plenty of fish in the ocean... but they all have one thing in common

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Amusing and sort of true, though I would very happily settle for emotionally stable and intelligent.
yup - and it's one of the few things in life where "2 out of 3 ain't bad" isn't applicable.
'Good Looking' is definitely the lesser of those three. I've never been picky as far as looks go! I must admit that as a small man I can't have a bigger girl, however. ^^; Personally, nothing is more of a turn on than intelligence- especially intelligence greater than my own, which is sadly lacking.
Perhaps "physically appealing" is a more accurate term. "Good looking" brings a stereotypical ideal that few people fit to most minds, but most of us end up with someone who looks different than that and will refer to them as pretty, handsome, cute, beautiful, hot or sexy. The last guy I dated doesn't fit the typical description of good looking (he is shortish, overweight, super-hairy), but his smile and his eyes totally melted me.
BTW - I'm about 50 lbs overweight, short and don't have large breasts, but the last guy I dated always called me sexy (still does, actually).
Hmmmm. Not sure I am going to bite. Still holding out for all three. My current prospect is definitely good looking and intelligent - but the third criterion requires testing over a much longer time frame.
The "emotionally stable" is elusive
Emotionally stable is a prerequisite, though I have had men in my life that managed to start off all assured and sensible but only reveal serious problems over time. Looks are nice but I'll settle for nice hands! Intelligence can be the most tricky as a lot of the men I come across prefer their women to be less intelligent by a fair amount. Please don't think I mean to generalise, this is purely subjective and solely my experience.
I would be a hypocrite if I chose emotionally stable as one
Intelligence to me is important in a different way. I am very book smart, science smart, math smart, etc. I look for a man who is smart in the areas I'm not, like car smart, street smart, socially adept. I tend to be an introvert, so I would greatly benefit from an an extrovert. This way, two different intelligences and personalities are brought to the table, and both parties benefit from the knowledge of the other. Those have made the most enriching relationships for me.
You want a complementary skill set. I know where you are coming from. But 'world view' compatibility is also essential to me. There are a lot of 'conservative' mindsets outside of religious belief that I don't want to be anywhere near - even if they were packaged like Marilyn Monroe. Atheism is not essential. But acceptance of atheism is.
Funnily enough, I'd go for intelligent and emotionally stable, but I usually wind up with someone who's good looking, smart, and packing a set of issues to rival my own, which is usually a recipe for disaster.




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