Being a non-believer sucks. I can't help what I can't believe, so it is not as if I chose isolation, just like I did not choose my parents. It does not pay to be honest in society because everyone keeps the mask of their ancestor's religion wrapped so tightly around their heart that they can't see what is right in front of them. Couple social awkwardness with a reasoned outlook and you have a recipe for dying a lonely old man in a two bedroom house. I have already passed the prime coupling age, and am quickly approaching 40. I cannot just cancel my mortgage and pick up and move to a big city with a larger pool of non-believers. The online sites are slim pickings for someone who won't compromise their principals, and even here, anyone who may spark an interest is 400 miles away or in England. I want to believe that the only limits a person sets on themselves are self created, but that is New Age b.s. designed for motivational posters and Tony Robbins seminars. I have so much to offer, but no one is buying what I am selling, and it is definitely a buyer's market, now, more than ever.

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How is 40 past prime coupling age?  Just rob the cradle a bit.  It's worked well for me.  The last couple girls I've dated were at least 8 or 9 years younger than me.  You're also likely to find less-religious sorts amongst the younger ones.

Even in small-town USA, you're likely to have a few more reasonable types.  I don't know if the Midwest has as many pagans floating around as there are down here, but that may be a viable option for you.  At least a pagan would be more accepting of your lack of belief, and perhaps you could bring her a bit closer to skepticism.

I don't think your prospects are any worse at age 40 -- in fact, they're getting better with every passing year!  Face it, quite a few men are jerks, and you're at an age when a lot of women are fed up with their relationships, their kids are becoming independent, and they feel it's their turn to live a little.  Get to know some of them!  I just did a little reading about your town, and I see that it is full of fine arts activities, as well as a Unitarian Church, which would seem to be great places to meet new nonreligious friends.  You're also only an hour away from Grand Rapids, home of the very active Center For Inquiry.

Those are in the photo section of my profile, yeah.  I'm not really looking for dates on here, so I'm not that worried about the photos.




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