Any single Atheists attending the Reason Rally is DC this weekend?

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Nope, just Rock Beyond Belief, the following weekend.
Yep... by myself. Ugh. Well, I'm taking the bus so I'll have a bus full of people with me technically... I just don't know them. Lol

After party?  Do you have details?

There is a rally this weekend?  I was not aware.


Me, my wife, and my two oldest boys are going to have a great time in Washington DC.

I would love to go--assuming that I could get back by Sunday morning--but I do not drive and I don't know anyone from my immediate area (just west of Philadelphia) who is going. So, it looks as though I won't be going.

Did you check the busses to see if there is one going from your area?

I didn't know there were such things as rally buses. Checking online, I find there is one leaving from 30th St. Station in Philadelphia at 5:44 AM--but since buses don't run from West Chester to Philadelphia at, say, two in the morning, I'd have a tough time getting there. Alas!

Tell someone you'll give them a big hug if they drive you to the bus station..? :D

I live with my Moslem sister, Moslem brother-in-law, and Moslem nephews. The latter do not drive and the former, while generally accommodating, might be less than thrilled with driving for an hour (and back) in the wee hours of the morning so that I could catch a bus to a rally that is somewhat less than dedicated to supporting their religious beliefs. <Smile>

:/ well... i'll keep thinking.

Thank you. But, of course, if I don't go, that'll be another day I can devote to working on my collection of philosophical essays tentatively entitled Why I Don't Believe in God...and Why You Shouldn't, Either: Conceivability Is Not Good Reason for Belief. Not that there's any guarantee that I'll spend even part of the day working on it!

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