All of my past relationships were with religious people, and I know in the back of my mind it always bothered me.

Now Im wondering if there will ever be a chance that if I give up and date another religious guy, would there be a way that I could make it work?


"Love" can only be a good excuse for so long.


I was wondering if anyone else is wondering the same thing?


Do you care if your person of intrest is religious or Atheist?

 and why?





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Mike Singletary has a few words on the subject.

"Can't do it!" As someone who was a serious christian and is now an atheist, and who's entire family is christian...I really can't see how any serious relationship with a religious person would be possible, let alone rewarding. The majority of people who claim some sort of theistic faith are so affected by that faith, that it is hard to imagine benefiting from a serious relationship with them. I think it is important to be with someone who has similar values, and sees the world in a similar light...and when you throw in supernatural entities, those things are bound to be hugely affected.

"Can't play with 'em! Can't win with 'em! Can't do it..."
Exactly. My entire family is Christian. Ever since I came out as atheist, my relationship with them has been greatly affected. We don't communicate the same way we used to, there's things I can't say in front of them, and vice versa. When it comes to a significant other, one of the most important things is being able to be yourself around that person. Feeling free to speak your mind. I don't appreciate anyone trying to convert me, secretly praying for me to "find God", and making decisions/conclusions based on superstition. Relationships are hard enough as it is. Religion isn't just a belief. It involves the way one sees the world, one's moral judgment, social circles, activities, plans, dreams, hopes, etc. I wouldn't bet on a relationship with a religious person working out.

Call me "dogmatic" but my personal stance on this is: Nontheist or GTFO.
I wholeheartedly agree. If I can't be myself with a significant other, I don't want to be in the relationship. I've already spent too much of my life pretending to be someone other than who I really am and it's just not healthy. No more hiding for me. Besides, I would be vigorously trying to convert him, so why start the relationship in the first place if I know he's religious? It's just borrowing trouble.
I was in a relationship with a theist who wanted me to "accept him as he was" yet told me he was praying to god to "make something happen to me that would make me change my beliefs". Never again. Nontheist or GTFO for sure.
You said, "in the back of my mind it always bothered me." The more you understand precisely why it bothers you, the more clear your own answer to your question will be.
It would depend on if I thought about having children with that person. I wouldn't want to raise a child on superstitious beliefs, and if my companion was a real follower of a religion they would probably want to do the opposite. Being with an atheist usually works best.
At this point, I really can't fathom having an intimate relationship with a serious Theist.

I really can't see having one with someone of any of the Abrahmic religions even to a small degree.

I can see getting it on with a neo-Pagan who isn't too much into the woo. A moderate Buddhist, Sikh, Shinto or very moderate Hindu as hardline, literal belief in the supernatural is not necessary for these.
my friends who are buddhist may be free of the "concept of A god" but their behaviors are every much as religious as my friends who of Abrahamic faiths.

There's a pompousness and preachiness there that are exactly alike.
Some certainly can be. Though I've known a few Buddhists and one Hindu that followed the don't-be-a-dick-to-people aspects of the religion and bypassed all the holier than thou and woo.

A lot of Xians turned Buddhist and other New Agers I find are simply trading in "Holier than thou" for "I'm more enlightened than you are." Same xenophobic bullshit. Different header.
eff'in "enlightenment", this century's new buz word, I hate it as much as anything religious!
A lot of Xians turned Buddhist and other New Agers I find are simply trading in "Holier than thou" for "I'm more enlightened than you are." Same xenophobic bullshit. Different header.

Me too! Though I must say I have one remaining Christian friend who truly does not have the holier than thou thing going on with me and I guess that explains why she is the one remaining Chrisitan friend LOL. I definitely don't have any remaining new age friends lol. In some ways they can be even more obnoxious then Christians. At least Christians will sometimes say about a dilemma "it is not ours to understand" where new agers come up with some crazy explanation for almost everything.
I just remembered that I had a few dates with someone I met online who thought she was a witch. She said it wasn't important if I believed in her sort of quasi-Wiccan system, as long as I could respect it. A little light bulb came on in the back of my head. Last date.



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