All of my past relationships were with religious people, and I know in the back of my mind it always bothered me.

Now Im wondering if there will ever be a chance that if I give up and date another religious guy, would there be a way that I could make it work?


"Love" can only be a good excuse for so long.


I was wondering if anyone else is wondering the same thing?


Do you care if your person of intrest is religious or Atheist?

 and why?





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Yeah, sounds like she's learned to game the system. It's just a question of who she's really conning. It would be nice to think that she's conning your religious family members, since she knows they won't accept atheism.

You'll have to wait until she's old enough to move out on her own, before you can be sure, though. While she's stuck living with Christians, even part-time, she knows she has to feed them what they want to hear on the subject. She's brighter than I was, at that age, if that's the case.
I think atheists can be dogmatic. I don't really care what people believe about religion if they can compartmentalize, i.e. realize that their faith, which helps them or seems to help them cope with life, isn't necessarily factual and should not be used as a basis for legislating the behavior of the rest of us. Some atheists can see no good at all in religion and aren't shy about saying so, whatever the context. I think Hitchens is a bit dogmatic in his insistence that religion poisons everything, for example, as much as I love Hitch's writing and as much as I sincerely hope he recovers from his cancer. (If I were religious, I would be praying for Hitch right now.) Some people are motivated in part by religion to do very good and charitable things. Most people believe in God, so if we atheists limit our relationships to other atheists, we're probably going to get lonely. If my SO (I'm sort of in between right now) were religious, it wouldn't be a problem. If we could discuss it without rancor, it wouldn't be a problem. If she tries to convert me, or if--as often happens--she considers my atheism an attack on her theism, that would be a problem. But then, could I really love someone who believes in talking snakes and such? Dunno.

Atheists can be dogmatic...atheism can not.
Amen! (LOL) I believe that is what I really meant. I know a few atheists who are that way. Refusing to talk to theists, considering anyone who believes in God an "idiot," Covering the "In God We Trust" on currency with a black marker, etc.
Hah, yeah..."in god we trust" shouldn't be on our money, but covering it up with a marker doesn't exactly make it go away. Besides, if we all really trusted in god so much, would we really need money in the first place?
Besides, if we all really trusted in god so much, would we really need money in the first place?

Good point.

"Aren't you going grocery shopping?"

"No. God will provide."
"I see you've fallen down a flight of stairs and are bleeding from the head. What do you want me to do first--call an ambulance or pray?"
Well, except we know the answer that a few of them would give. A part of me says that I should go along with their wishes and pray for them ... clean up the gene pool a bit. The rest of me isn't so cruel.
unfortunately, compartmentalisation is antithetic to religion, and should be counter nature on all things that matter.

Compartmentalisation has allowed society to fall the its' present state.

Compartmentalisation is my personal definition of evil incarnate.
What if you work with some you dislike? Could you compartmentalize for the sake of productivity? For the greater good? What if you and your SO have just had a bitter break-up but you've been cast as the leads in Romeo and Juliet? Sure, there can be evil in compartmentalization, and the more bureaucracy is involved, the farther people can be distanced from the consequences of their actions. Would you keep your neighbor's kid off the little league team because his family takes him to church? Or would you try to be fair and let him play according to his skill level?

I think one can be religious and compartmentalize, but one cannot be a fundamentalist or fanatic and still be able to compartmentalize.
I have tried "compartmentalisation" for the sake of "productivity". I've worked with racists and sexists and religious fanatics, each have been a moral burden and I have not maintained any long term contact with these people, and I would prefer to never associate with them again. I probably would have been better off NOT working those jobs as my stress levels where much higher in those circumstances.

I feel the same way about religious people as I do about racists, sexists, rapists, wife beaters, etc.

In the end, if we refused to compromise for all these types of people, the society would be a better place. To coexist peacefully with sexists, rapists, religious, racists is to ENABLE sexists, rapists, religious, racists...
Mike Singletary has a few words on the subject.

"Can't do it!" As someone who was a serious christian and is now an atheist, and who's entire family is christian...I really can't see how any serious relationship with a religious person would be possible, let alone rewarding. The majority of people who claim some sort of theistic faith are so affected by that faith, that it is hard to imagine benefiting from a serious relationship with them. I think it is important to be with someone who has similar values, and sees the world in a similar light...and when you throw in supernatural entities, those things are bound to be hugely affected.

"Can't play with 'em! Can't win with 'em! Can't do it..."



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