Okay this is really for the ladies, if your in a lounge or area where a guy meets you, then your part ways, and the next day he text you instead of calling, is that a bad thing? I've had times where i'd text a women, get a dull conversation, then say in my head "let me just call her" and bam we interacting like crazy. I know the question sounds self explanatory, but i would like to know what my fellow women of the Nexus cares about? or if texting irks them.

e.i, not all the time do i get women who like calling, I've had known women that I've known for 3 years and we spoke on the phone probably about 7 times, and that's pushing it.

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Just in general, I'd always call. Text is a bad way of conversing with someone who doesn't know you well. If she can't hear your inflection, she may misunderstand something, not catch that something is a joke.
I'm the anomaly who prefers conversing via email than verbally.

Key word though; "Anomaly." I imagine most women would prefer the call. Especially since when someone texts me and I haven't attached a name to the number yet, I often have no idea who is texting me.
I have problems/fears regarding phone conversations, so I much prefer texting anyway. Or e-mail. But then I tend to eff up whatever I say in any medium, but I'd rather have a guy not write back than react live over the phone.
People scare the bejeebers out of me.

But I am probably not typical of women in general, most appear to love being on the phone.
Sometimes I don't like to talk either. Sometimes I am not really sure how a conversation will go. A witty text can be a really cool icebreaker! But that is just my opinion.
I'd start with a text and then ask her if she'd like you to call her.
I don't mind texting. I agree with Heather that asking if you can call via a text is a good idea. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to talk.
I'm glad I noticed your question, because I bitch about this occasionally. As a gay girl, if I give a woman my number, and she texts me, I am instantly turned off. Grow some balls and call. Texting is too passive. Even worse (to me) is when a gal texts me and I call her back and it goes to voicemail, and then she responds with another text. My attitudes regarding this may be related to the fact that I am 41:)
Hmm that might be part of the answer Myke. You may want to take the woman's age into consideration. Younger women might be more OK with texting than older women.


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