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What a tool. I can't even think of anything else to say about a guy like that.
this is a very good reason to stay single. I bet she is really wishing she'd asked for his number instead! I hate to think what dark and twisted things he's capable of!
Scary, scary guy......he probably has ED.

What has happened to nice guys...I don't think they really finish last.
That is so not true.
Of course we finish last! Maybe we don't all the time, but damned if we don't most of the time. Being a nice guy can been seen as being patronizing, you know.
That is too effin funny, and pathetic as well. Poor guy! How delusional and socially inept can you be?
Wow. ... Just ... Wow.

{Crawls back under my shell}
Actually, this file was posted on another thread on another board, and they actually found his mySpace page. Apparently, he's real, and quite well-known around the community among the women for his "approach"... Yikes!
You've got access to his myspace page? Well... I hope you're fully planning to "tap that". The guy's got oodles of confidence and a silky smooth demeanor! Remember, he likes elegant girls who aren't timid and are timely in their phone call responses.
Holy flying cats...I'm absolutely speechless, and that doesn't happen often :)
Further down, the thread comments advertise a website for some kind of a Borat-esque film. I'll be avoiding it like I did the other S.B.C. movies.
Heh, I got conned into seeing "Borat." My IQ still hasn't fully recovered.




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