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I remember hearing this a while back.

I wanna believe that it was staged, cause I really hope that no man can ever be this stupid.
According to him, he's quite brilliant... one of those brilliant movie industry tycoons with all the right moves. He also promises to be a "great catch" so... line up ladies, there may not be enough of him to go around!
Are you kidding? What's wrong with Olga? The guy's a catch! He's great in bed and is the only normal guy in the city! Just ask him. LOL!
sounds like someone's having trouble remembering to put their cover sheets on their TPS reports. mmmkay.
All I have to say to that is, WOW.
I completely believe this is real - I've met a fair number of women who make this guy look humble and self-effacing by comparison. At least he's intelligent and well-spoken, which is more than I could say for most of them.

And it's clear that this is his first encounter with the phenomenon of women who like being pursued, which probably (at least partially) explains his bafflement and somewhat over-the-top behavior.
Yeah, this is actually kind of oddly familiar to me.

In particular, my cousin's coworker added me on facebook (I've never "met" him). He doesn't seem a bad guy or anything but... oi. He tried to get me to come hang out with him and such, which didn't go through. And we didn't talk for quite some time. When my status changed to "In A Relationship", he immediately messaged me, and I DO mean immediately, within seconds-- at first like he was too late (even though we weren't talking lately), and then when I told him about the relationship, which was basically online, he told me it wasn't real and he acted kind of pretentious and not worried and started to hit on me... a lot. Also he told me his penis size. Because apparently I really care.

Later he started trying to date this one girl, and told me how sexy she is and whatnot, and said he's throwing out as many hooks as possible, because apparently I am a fish.

Then not a lot of conversation again, until I again changed my relationship status, and he started hitting on me again. I tend to be sarcastic or humorous so I basically told him we might be able to arrange a threesome if my guy was up for it. Then he proceeded to tell me what a fabulous lover he was and that he was all I needed, and he didn't share, etc. I'm ending up getting progressively more abrasive with him I think.

Again, not a bad guy, but lol. Geezus.
Are there really that many things about you that are so terrible that you'd have to change them greatly? I've lived with women before and the only things we had to change were setting another place at the table and having a few more towels in the bathroom. Not much of an issue, really.


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