Yeah I am one for your weird file.   I dont know where to start. Finding an atheist mate is tough....but being a 38 year old virgin along with that is extremely tough.  Being a virgin, I of course have no sexual experience so that poses an even bigger problem.  My issue is NOT that I dont want to just lose it or lose it to the right person.  Do most women prefer the male to be experienced?  If so, I guess I am screwed.....and not in a good way.  I would like the women's point of view on this.  I am not looking for one night stands, friends with benefits, or bed buddy.  I want an honest relationship based on reasonable expectations.  Is that possible?

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Man, 38 male virgins.  Pélé's gonna be one happy volcano goddess.

Do some reading ... a lot of reading.  Go check out the self-help section of your local B&N.  My first time, I obviously didn't have any practical experience, but I had read so much on the subject that I had enough knowledge to make up for it.


Biggest thing to remember your first time is foreplay.  If you spend at least 15 or 20 minutes in bed (doing various intimate things which I won't go into), before the clothes come off completely and you have actual intercourse, you'll be better at it than a significant percentage of the guys.  The problem with virgins is that they get desperate and rushed.




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