What are the qualities you require a person to have before considering a relationship with them?  (employment, education, a pulse, etc.)


What qualities will you NOT accept?  (unemployment, illiteracy, room temperature liver, etc.)


(Both questions should be related to what you consider 'show stoppers'.)

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Sadly, no, I just had my tv sent home for the semester and my roommates only ever use the common tv for glee.

I'm actually beginning at the start of the new series right now--I just finished the 1st season last night.

Advanced knowledge of internet, "the google" and email are required!


If they have this


or this


they are totally unacceptable.


Gainful employment would be ideal, but in this economy, that would exclude a lot of the people in my age range..

A sense of humor would be grand, but then again I really would like to date other atheists...


Oh... I always thought I was humorous. That explains why I hear "That's not funny so often".
Heh, good lord.  Glad I switched off to a van dyke, a while back.  Not that I've ever had my beard even vaguely that long.  I generally shave it off and regrow it every 2 weeks or so, when I'm in a beard sort of mood.
I'm just going to put this out there....and I think it's fairly simple. Maybe I'm full of shit, but I don't feel like I'm asking for too much here..
I want a nice atheist or agnostic man I can have a great conversation with, who challenges me, gets my twisted humor and finds it a turn on, who is mentally stable, educated, (self or otherwise, makes no difference to me), gets turned on by my intelligence, AND someone I am very attracted to, and have great sex with. That's all..........
Maybe this explains why I am still single????

You just want to be connected.  I look for the exactly the same thing you do. I met my ex 27 years ago. We had 20 years of a perfect relationship. Then in my opinion she went crazy. Anyway the point is that there is more to it than someone that agrees with your checklist. When you find the right one, it happens, you can't meet someone that scores high and make it work. Don't think about what you are looking for and just look. It will happen. I hope I make sense, I'm not know for my communication skills. Just let go of your angst about it and live your life. It's exactly what it should be because it's what you are living. 

What are your boundaries for 'mentally stable'?  That's the one requirement that worries me.  :-D


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