After my failed relationships, taking a step back and reviewing them, I catch myself wondering... What is love really?

I have a teen staying with me for the remainder of the summer, and I always hear him on the phone talking to his "girlfirends" and saying "I love you" so freeley.

I asked him to ask one of them what love meant to her and she could not give him an answer.

So now Im wondering even more what others consider "real unconditional love" to be.


I have my ideas, but I would like to know what others are thinking.


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That is really not very nice to say to just go masturbate.

It wasn't an insult. If you took it as such, that's your problem.

It was a serious suggestion. Stop harassing women to have sex, and just go masturbate. If you're so desperate to have orgasms, you'll be better off if you take care of your need in private. Then you'll be less uptight about sex and will be able to treat women as human beings, making you more likely to get into a real relationship and have sex.

Anyway, circumcised men can't even masturbate properly.

Bullshit. I have no problems doing so, and neither do any of my friends that I know for a fact are circumcised. Now you're just making shit up. Either that or you just suck at it. Work on your technique.

When women say they want love, they just want you to really care about them and be ready to drop everything to help them, even if they never want to be sexual enough. Men have a physiological need to have sex frequently, and women should just be understanding and sexual enough and not withholding.

How many times do I have to say this? Your statement about men needing to have sex, as opposed to masturbating, is not backed up in anything I've ever read and is not evident in my own experience. Actual sex is nicer, but masturbation fulfills the need just as well, when a sex partner isn't available.

Either provide evidence or stop saying it.

And stop deleting your posts that people have replied to. That's very childish.
I wondered why it looked like I was talking sense to myself...XD
Heh, yeah. He deleted several of his posts in this thread, after we ripped them to pieces ... and here he is repeating the same nonsense again.
So I see, lol.
Anyway, circumcised men can't even masturbate properly.

Who told you this? I have done it successfuly thousands of times. And I know millions of them who enjoy it twice a day.
Only twice? You slacker.
I think if love had a solid definition, a hell of a lot of poets, songwriters and artists would be out of work.

Closest I can come I suppose is for me, comfort level. With Asperger's Syndrome, though I love my friends dearly, I'm constantly 'on guard' to the point that it can be exhaustive to be around other people. Even those whom I like. But there have been those people - some just friends, and a love interest or two - whom I reach a comfort level with that I don't feel like an actor on a stage having to remember my lines. The person 'gets' me and I get them. It's quite an awesome feeling!

And I suppose that feeling is something approaching love...
"I think if love had a solid definition, a hell of a lot of poets, songwriters and artists would be out of work."

So true!! That's been the #1 topic of choice for so many artists over the centuries.
... and stand-up comedians.
It is what happens to you when you realize it does not matter how difficult the task is to keep that person in your life.
Hi everybody!

Check this out :

It may sound cold & brutal,but then again most realities are.Rollins speaks the truth.But you have to bare in mind this view point only represents a small portion of the inner workings of the mechanics of the male psyche.
Well... Umm --- I think most of what people say, speak about over and over and over, is habitual. I think most, not all (deff the majority tho), say what they find easiest to say, and some find it pretty easy to "say" they love someone.. The phrase is deff over used --- maybe because we're a greedy and selfish society and don't really know how to express or show our love (for various and many reasons) until we are in fear of losing "it"... In times of plenty we can't, won't admit our reality of really needing eachother (society), it's only in times of not, that we want and admit the need for another...

My idea of love manifests itself out of an intimate understanding of another, it's making yourself vulnerable to someone and them being sensitive and understanding and vice versa, and the accumulation of good times spent together.

I'm 42 and yip, I've said "it" a thousand times, and thinking back, meant it only a handfull. For me saying "it" wasn't about getting layed, wasn't sexual --- Just think the more you say, do, something the easier it becomes, until it becomes habit --- just something we say... Kinda like those dammed theists thanking god every second of the day and night, are they really thanking god or is the phrase nothing more than habit 90+%...


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