After my failed relationships, taking a step back and reviewing them, I catch myself wondering... What is love really?

I have a teen staying with me for the remainder of the summer, and I always hear him on the phone talking to his "girlfirends" and saying "I love you" so freeley.

I asked him to ask one of them what love meant to her and she could not give him an answer.

So now Im wondering even more what others consider "real unconditional love" to be.


I have my ideas, but I would like to know what others are thinking.


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Heh, no, that's Michael deleting his old posts which people have replied to, which is creating all sorts of messed up threads.
You see, sex is almost as important as water air, or sleep, and if me and a women don't do it enough, the relation is over.

Not drinking water, not breathing, and not sleeping, are things that can kill you if you prolong them enough. Not having sex, for the same amount of time as any one of these things, will not kill you. Masturbate, or invest in a pocket pussy, and quit putting so much emphasis on sex, especially as a basis on how you treat women. You keep repeating: if she won't have sex with me, I won't have her around. What makes you think she'd even want you around, if the only way you'd keep talking to her, is if she gives it up?
You seem to have missed a very basic point in her post. If you can't have sex, just freaking masturbate. You get a sufficiently similar sexual-release. It's more lonely, but it will fill this mythical sexual-requirement of yours. And considering that you claimed to be a virgin, on another thread on here, how do you even know how sex fits into a relationship?

I'm not going to respond to your posts one at a time. Your whole attitude towards relationships is just so backward. The best I can compare it to is a middle schooler who just hit puberty and figured out what his little thing in his pants is for, and it hasn't yet occurred to him that girls are useful for anything beyond what his new-found sex drive is telling him.

You remind me of one of the guys in my first band, back when I was 18 or 19. The dumbass kept finding girls that he liked having sex with, and then he kept trying to form a relationship out of that, when they had no emotional attachment and nothing in common. The relationships invariably ended explosively, which was always great fun for everyone who got to stand around and watch the fireworks ... not so much, for him.

The thing is, he was attractive enough to do retarded things and still get girls to sleep with him. You're not. I'm not. You need to learn to actually treat a girl like a person and be a nice guy, which I haven't seen so far, in any of your posts on AN.

You can also learn to put on a macho prick act, which will draw girls in a bar or club, or similar ... but I don't recommend it if you want a relationship that lasts longer than a few weeks. From everything you've said, I don't think you could do the act, anyway.

In all due respect this sounds like outdated victorian mores or attitudes, or something silly.

And this line is just funny ... and sad. You really think that love is outdated, and people should just be interested in each other's crotch? You've got a lot to learn about women, man.
That is really not very nice to say to just go masturbate. Anyway, circumcised men can't even masturbate properly. When women say they want love, they just want you to really care about them and be ready to drop everything to help them, even if they never want to be sexual enough. Men have a physiological need to have sex frequently, and women should just be understanding and sexual enough and not withholding.

You should not first pick a word and then try to figure out what it means, rather you should pick a definition or goal and then figure out what you want to call it or how you want to describe it and how to get is as soon as possible.
--- Michael Pianko --- Anyway, circumcised men can't even masturbate properly.

Ok. I'll bite. Why is this exactly? Isn't it just as within reach as that of circumcised men? Are they incapable of doing it without their hand constantly slipping off since they lack that stopper-ring at the end?

Either way, you now have me imagining the finer mechanics of male masturbation for the rest of the day.
The head or glands of the penis is supposed to be equivalent to the clitoris. The glands are supposed to be so sensitive that they cannot be touched or can be barely touched. On the outside, the foreskin is a continuation of the shaft skin which protects the glands from the environment most of the time.

Intact men don't actually touch their glands, similarly to how most people don't actually touch their eyeballs but instead can rub their eyeballs indirectly by rubbing their eyelids. As I have read, With 1-2 fingers, intact men gently rub the skin over the glands, and the friction sends nerve signals to the brain to tell the body to have an orgasm.

The underside of the foreskin is a mucous membrane, similar to the inside of the nose, which provides a little moisture to prevent too much friction between the glands and skin covering them.

Intact men get most of their stimulation from the 1/3 of their penis toward the tip. The foreskin is about half the penile skin and 1/3 of the penis in an adult, has about 9-20 sq. inches in an adult, and about 60% of the nerve endings in the penis; it is more densely packed with nerve endings than the shaft. There is a stiff ring of tiny muscles at end of the foreskin.

There is no clear boundary between foreskin and shaft skin, and doctors use a marker to mark where on their victims they want to cut; some men are more butchered than others. So when the foreskin is removed, up to 60% of the penile nerve endings are lost, and then the glands have to become desensitized in order for men to be able to wear pants without too much pain and irritation. Keratinization occurs - the surface of the glans becomes a little more like a nail, which is made of keratin; extra layers of tough skin grow on the glands to protect them, but the nerve endings get buried too deeply.

In order to have an orgasm, a butchered man has to get enough stimulation by stimulating the nerves in the shaft, but there are few there, so butchered men have to violently grab their penises with their whole fist and rub vigorously and for longer than an intact man just to have an orgasm.

Similarly, when circumcised men try to have sex, they usually violently thrust their penises in and out just to try to get enough stimulation, given that they are desensitized and so many nerve endings are missing, and this is also what is seen in American pornography, but women probably want something gentler. Instinctively, intact men are gentler and make small, subtle movements.
Similarly, when circumcised men try to have sex, they usually violently thrust their penises in and out just to try to get enough stimulation, given that they are desensitized and so many nerve endings are missing, and this is also what is seen in American pornography, but women probably want something gentler. Instinctively, intact men are gentler and make small, subtle movements.

You start out slowly and build up over time. That's the way sex works. There's a 'tenting' process, as it's technically called. As women get more aroused, the vagina eases up and expands, and then you can enter fully and become more aggressive in your motions. If you just make small, subtle movements, the girl is never going to reach orgasm and will probably go looking for sex elsewhere.

You've never had sex. Why do you think you have anything valid to say on the subject of the mechanics of sex? Stop giving advice when you have no idea what you're talking about.

You say that women 'probably' want something gentler. No, I think that on the whole, they want the 6 or 8 orgasms in a half hour, which comes from the more aggressive approach. Lube makes everything go smoother.
--- Joseph P --- If you just make small, subtle movements, the girl is never going to reach orgasm and will probably go looking for sex elsewhere.

Speak for yourself. Er .. speak for your own girlfriend. Er .. you know what I mean.

I suppose every woman is different. I'm all for aggressive at times. But small and subtle can be unbelievably hot as well.

For me, it's truly not the size of the canoe paddle: It's the type of stroke you use.


But you're right about at least starting out easy until she's fully relaxed.
Well, the ones I've been with have all been of that variety. The first one or two orgasms may be of the warm snuggly sort, aaaaaand then they go kind of nuts and ballistic. Sometimes they skip right past the warm, snuggly part, if they're in a particularly energetic mood.

I summarize from my dating experience. I don't have anything else to go on.

Of course, I tend to move pretty slowly in terms of dragging a girl off to the bedroom. Snuggling is its own reward. Maybe after the hour or two of cuddle time, they're just ready to screw like crazed weasels already. I dunno.
Ok Joseph, that makes all kinds of sense. Next boyfriend of mine; I'm sending him to you for pointers.

I'm not giving advice. I'm summarizing what I read. Women will have enough orgasms with the man only makes small, subtle movements, IF the man is intact and not circumcised.

I don't harass women to have sex. On the contrary, I almost never talk to women. (I almost never talk to other men either). Recently, I have been infrequently asking women customers at my grocery store job a short question about their shirt if it has some writing on it.

If I decide I have said the wrong thing here and that I have been a fool, I think I should just delete it and that will help make it like I did not say anything. In real life, If I screw up when talking, then I can't take it back and I'll be more screwed than I could ever be online.
Well, what the heck have you been reading? I read a hell of a lot of sexual guide books, back in my teens and early 20's. The stuff you're spouting about physiological needs is just so out there. I've never seen anything like what you're talking about, and I've heard plenty against it ... and my personal experience completely says otherwise, as well.

Then, everything you've said about relationships is just so backwards. You say that you've never been in a relationship, and then you try to tell people how relationships are supposed to work. Perhaps you should stop trying to inflict upon others your opinions about relationships which clearly don't work, and start listening. Ask questions and steer the conversation in directions you're interested in. Don't dictate about things you don't know.

And no, it's better to leave everything, so that others can read through the whole thread and see what is connected to what, in a conversational manner.




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