After my failed relationships, taking a step back and reviewing them, I catch myself wondering... What is love really?

I have a teen staying with me for the remainder of the summer, and I always hear him on the phone talking to his "girlfirends" and saying "I love you" so freeley.

I asked him to ask one of them what love meant to her and she could not give him an answer.

So now Im wondering even more what others consider "real unconditional love" to be.


I have my ideas, but I would like to know what others are thinking.


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Love means,
or you may say, when you're in love, with that particular someone, or when ever you look into a mirror and the first thing that comes to mind is that significant other, and suddenly the idea of her makes you like or love yourself that much more for loving her. That my friend is when you know you're truly in love.
"I don't want to live with a woman, I want a woman I cannot live without!"

"Live life as if there were no tomorrow, but love as if you could love forever!"
Ken mentioned the Greeks and their different words for different conditions of love. I think part of our problem is our casual equivocation of disparate ideas through one tired and overused word.

What is love? Is it a statement of feeling or a series of actions? What about feelings of a sexual or platonic nature? Familial, friendly, or general terms of fondness for objects all get the same treatment. If love can be so uplifting or damning, how can we use just one word?

People can use the word in any damned way they please and it is up to the listener to try and determine what the speaker is actually saying.

So how would I define ‘love’?

I don’t think we have enough space for all the answers.
It's love when you care more for someone else than you do for yourself.

That's not the only indicator, but I think it's a definitive one.


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