I noticed that everyone on this site is sooooo nice and polite and blah blah blah blah blah. EFF THAT! There's a good reason that this discussion group has so many members relative to the others. Do I have to spell it out to you?? Geeeez! Aren't you guys are sick and tired of dating churchie girlz and wanna-be alter boyz! I know I'm sick of it! You're all here because you want to find someone who shares your world view; right? Someone who youtubes Chris Hitchens videos on their lunch break, just like you. Someone who gives copies of The God Delusion as Christmas gifts, just like you. Someone who gets all the subtle humor on Family Guy, just like you. Someone who has at least 5 relatives praying for their immortal soul every night, just like you. And someone who rocks the scarlet "A" like a f#%*ing badge of courage, JUST LIKE YOU! You don't want someone who has to go consult their pastor after a night of ruff sex do ya??

Well then get your head outta your tailpiece, click on the pic of that hot guy or girl and send them a friend request. Believe me, they want you just as much as you want them. At the time of this writing, there are almost a thousand members in this group. In the next 72 hours there better be at least 250 replies to this post telling me about how you just scored a date with that certain somebody. DO NOT REPLY UNTIL YOU'VE MET SOMEONE!!!

If I have to be the goddamned fire starter, I'll be the goddamned fire starter. If you get rejected, blame it on me and try again with someone else. Don't be a lame either, there'll be plenty of time to talk about Obama's health care package and Donald Trump's candidacy after you hook up. Focus! For the next 72 hours you only have one mission. And that mission? Duh, Winning!

Remember people, we only get this one life. Live it to the limit!! YOU'RE WELCOME!

P.S. If you're hot, expect some traffic to your inbox... I'm out!


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HAHAHA! I haven't been on this site in a while, but your post caught my attention(via email)."Someone who gives copies of The God Delusion as Christmas gifts, just like you." EPICCC

Heh heh heh heh heh.  You oversimplify just a bit.  Of the thousand or so members of this group, how many do you think are actually active?  Granting that a third of the group is active would be generous, in my opinion.  I think it's a bit below that.


So, that would be 328 people, probably only half of whom are in the US.  So, you've got 164 people, spread out over 50 states ... just over 3 people per state, on average, in other words.  What are the odds of someone of the opposite sex, in the right age range, being in the right half of the state as you?  Not good, I think.


Good sentiment, though.  So, should I be expecting some traffic in my inbox (nice metaphor, by the way) from a special someone?  :-D

Lol, It's a nice idea, but I've honestly asked out at least one of the other members here--I don't know if any other the other atheist guys from UA are on here, but he is, and he turned me down after I asked him if it would be possible to go on a date, with "no, just not interested in you."

It's almost amusing, really, to see someone suggest this--that's what they always suggest, as if they have a magic bullet to end loneliness and cure all the problems with human pair-bonding.  "Why don't you just date each other."

There was a complaint about single women being rushed by guys at atheist conventions. First, I had no such issue, then, every guy I showed interest in was offended by it. *shrug* It's not like I expected much more, but it is amusing to see how little guys change even if their beliefs are different, I still find and see plenty who are single and complain about it, but if I ask them out on a date, the answer is still "no, never ever."


Jonel, No magic bullets here. It's still a numbers game baby. The more you spin, the sooner you win. I'm the fire starter, but universal laws of mating still apply. My suggestion is to keep putting in applications and showing these dudes what a catch you are. Diligence will be rewarded!

Well I'm usually the one asking guys out, and I'm always the one getting turned down--I take the risks because I often key for guys who are shy and somewhat quiet("slick" guys who think they can do whatever they want make me sick-feeling), and I understand that it's not so easy for them to make the first move, however, even if it is the numbers game, if the numbers are stacked against you(overwhelming majority amount of males dislike fat chicks, especially death fatties, like me, and would never date one), you're probably not going to beat the odds--the house always wins.

I will say I have tried dating guys who fetishize women my size before, but it's...complicated and a little humiliating, they often just want sex, they consider me as a sort of property, and most of the time they don't want me around their friends/family, which, on top of that, they'd really just like to have sex, that's about it--I make a concentrated effort to date guys not on appearances, but on personality and ease of getting along--I don't want a guy dating me just because I fill his fetish box, I've been told that those relationships work but they don't for me, since I -really- am not interested in sex and consider myself asexual.

The odd part is, you think the fetish route would turn up a bunch of suitable dudes, but no, especially not around here. Alabama really hates their fatties, which is funny considering how many we have. I think it's a combo of the racism thing and obsessions with class--everyone is poor, so any way you can put someone down is automatically dragged into regular use.

I here you sweetie, the real world is a mutha. But I think you may be selling yourself short. Bama probably has 300 to 700 guys who would find you attractive, out of that, maybe 70 to 100 will accept your atheism. Out of that maybe 15 to 20 will be intellectually compatable. Out of that maybe 7 to 10 will be attractive to you. And that's only one state. You must understand, the numbers don't lie. Realistic estimations will give you results that you can work with. Stay positive homegirl. That special guy is out there; find him!!
Yeah, that's one of my approaches, too.  Of course I'm one of the few on here who's allowed to post to this thread, based upon your ground rules.

... but they don't for me, since I -really- am not interested in sex and consider myself asexual.

Hmm, yeah, that's a bit of a problem.  I'm very sexual.  I was with you up until that point.

*shrug* It's not like that's something that I can just change or "work on", either, and that's often the problem I run into---they're fine with me as their friend, but the moment I talk about dating and further companionship they run away.

And yeah, every guy who -has- been interested in me is always extremely libidinous compared to myself--it's a little overwhelming and disconcerting, especially considering the stereotype of the "oversexed fat chick who will do anyone."

I know.  I was just saying.  That's a bit of a problem within a relationship.  If I wasn't getting sex at least a couple of times a week, I'm sure I would stray.  My girlfriend is quite libidinous, herself, but I'm still a couple more times more so.  She seems to be pushing for another girl or two to help with the overflow libido.  :-D


Personally, I haven't really run into your stereotype, though.  I've run into a few girls like that, just not the stereotype about them.

Currently it's at once or twice a week, for me, that I can manage--but I've talked with guys before who were all "SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY."--which I can't deal with. :\


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