I noticed that everyone on this site is sooooo nice and polite and blah blah blah blah blah. EFF THAT! There's a good reason that this discussion group has so many members relative to the others. Do I have to spell it out to you?? Geeeez! Aren't you guys are sick and tired of dating churchie girlz and wanna-be alter boyz! I know I'm sick of it! You're all here because you want to find someone who shares your world view; right? Someone who youtubes Chris Hitchens videos on their lunch break, just like you. Someone who gives copies of The God Delusion as Christmas gifts, just like you. Someone who gets all the subtle humor on Family Guy, just like you. Someone who has at least 5 relatives praying for their immortal soul every night, just like you. And someone who rocks the scarlet "A" like a f#%*ing badge of courage, JUST LIKE YOU! You don't want someone who has to go consult their pastor after a night of ruff sex do ya??

Well then get your head outta your tailpiece, click on the pic of that hot guy or girl and send them a friend request. Believe me, they want you just as much as you want them. At the time of this writing, there are almost a thousand members in this group. In the next 72 hours there better be at least 250 replies to this post telling me about how you just scored a date with that certain somebody. DO NOT REPLY UNTIL YOU'VE MET SOMEONE!!!

If I have to be the goddamned fire starter, I'll be the goddamned fire starter. If you get rejected, blame it on me and try again with someone else. Don't be a lame either, there'll be plenty of time to talk about Obama's health care package and Donald Trump's candidacy after you hook up. Focus! For the next 72 hours you only have one mission. And that mission? Duh, Winning!

Remember people, we only get this one life. Live it to the limit!! YOU'RE WELCOME!

P.S. If you're hot, expect some traffic to your inbox... I'm out!


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Charlie Sheen, is that you?  Sounds like you lucked into some really good drugs!
Heh heh heh.
I find that the most difficult thing is not the number of people, but how widely scattered they all are.  The nearest single woman I've found is about 200 miles away... even if she was interested.

This is true of any grouping that is much in the minority.  I've tried joining some other singles groups dedicated to specific interests.  They always have plenty of members, but they are invariably so thinly scattered out that unless you are in NY or Los Angeles, the chances of finding someone within a reasonable distance is extremely small.


Maybe the problem is the woman to man ratio; I mean most posts and responds are by the guys. I say females aren't doing there part to hurry the game along
That's traditional in our society - men are expected to pursue relationships, women don't.  40 years after the so-called "feminist revolution" and nothing has really changed.  If anything, it's gotten worse.
Dunno if I'd say 'worse'.  More like it's gotten more confusing, since you don't know how to react.  A few women follow the more feminist trend, while others still respond more traditionally.  It screws up one's ability to read the signals.

That's very typical.  The best suggestion is to skip online contacts altogether and concentrate on meeting people in real life.  Studies have shown several reasons behind this, but they all boil down to the same thing: online environments cause people to be far more selective than in-person contacts.  So skip messaging women and instead find an activity to join where you have good opportunities to meet live single people.  Good luck.

This is a discussion site, not a dating site.
People are unlikely to accept your friend requests unless they have read and appreciated some of your posts.
Also, you could be friending people who haven't been active on the site in a few months or a year.  Respond to people as they post things on here.
Hey Nader....you should try OKCupid.com.  They have the ability for you to filter your search results based on religious preference, and you can narrow it down to women who live closer to you who are atheist/agnostic or other.  It may be that there aren't all that many in your area that are active on this site.  Give okcupid a try.  What have you got to loose??  If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly!!  Put yourself out there and see what happens!  I've had several very nice dates from that site.  Most landed in the friend zone, but it was fun none the less getting to know and hang with people who have the same views we have.  Good luck!!  Hope this helps!

I'm loving this post.  All kinds of win!  I have had some active flirtations with several members of this site, and it has been good fun.  My problem is, they live pretty far away from me.  Met one guy who is a member of AN and we definitely had an attraction, but realized how sucky it was going to be with the distance thing, so we are GREAT friends!  Talk on the phone and email often.  In fact, there are several guys on this site that I have formed friendships with that I text and email on a regular basis.  I consider myself lucky to have made such cool new friends!  But still, I'm still waiting for mister right to be in my neck of the woods.  That's a challenge for sure!!!  I live in the butt crack of the buy bull belt. 

I love your attitude John!  Especially about wearing that scarlet A like a effin badge of courage!!!  I'm atheist and I'm damn proud!!!  I'm also totally looking for the guy that will do the same, that is close by. 


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