I'm curious as to the geographic distribution of the people here. 

Anecdotally, it seems like most of the folks posting here seem to be from the South or Midwest, which is exactly where I would expected to find the *fewest* atheists.  On the other hand, while the Northwest is supposedly the least-religious part of the country, I have seen only one person who hails from there. 

So - please speak up, and let us know where you are. You may find that you had neighbors that you didn't know about.

I'll start.  I'm currently in Seattle, Washington.  Previously lived in SF, Denver, Hawaii, Florida and Germany.

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I'm a northwesterner--currently live in Oregon (27 years), grew up in Minnesota (25 years) and was born in Illinois outside of Chicago.  

I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Under 'members', there is a member map page.

I am in San Antonio. I would suspect that the reason there are more people in the south on here is because it is harder to find like-minded individuals than it is in the north - thus necessitating joining a group such as this.

I'm in the Midwest - St. Louis, to be exact. Grew up on the Illinois side of the area and have also lived in southeast Missouri, both Carolinas and in east-central Illinois (both for school and for a job).

Stephenie makes a good point; a plethora of face-to-face contact with like-minded people, tends to reduce the motivation to seek "virtual" companions on-line.  And in a social milieu where secularism/atheism is common, there is less motivation to editorialize or to protest - and therefore, to post online.

Originally I'm from Eastern Europe, from a time and place where the State was officially secular, despite a backdrop of 1000 years of fanatical Christianity.  I moved to the US at an early enough age that language and cultural association can "switch".  My family settled first in one, then in another major city on the East Coast.  I attended college in the Midwest, which is how I landed my current job in the Midwest.  But I went to grad school in Los Angeles.  Before moving to LA, the Midwest didn't feel so bad, so ossified or stifling.  But after nearly 5 years in LA, returning to the Midwest was a harrowing return to one's cage.

I should also note that maybe not geographic locale, but urban vs. rural setting matters more.  the California desert 100 miles east of Los Angeles is really not that different than the cornfields stretching from eastern Colorado to the Appalachian foothills of eastern Ohio, in terms of religious affinities and social mores.  But Chicago, which is squarely in the Midwest, has more in common with NYC and LA, than with the farmland just 50 miles south of its metro area.  Another exception is college-towns, the relatively small burgs hosting major research universities.  Examples would be Ann Arbor, Michigan, or even Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.  But there are also counterexamples.  Cincinnati, while not a major city, remains fairly populous despite its 50+ year decline.  But despite its size and economic footprint, its a bastion of religious and social orthodoxy.

Michael OL,

Currently, I live in Indiana. I find this state to be the least open-minded about atheist views. We do have an atheist chapter here however if one is seeking a mate here then he or she better get used to going to church.


Is there anyone from Indiana?

I'm in Northeastern Oklahoma (near Tulsa).

I'm in the dead center of Georgia.  Not many free thinkers around here.  It is known </Dothraki>


Auhhma hailin frum Kiiintukay ... and no, i do not speak with a retarded, backwoods, uneducated accent. but i am interested in talking to any who may be near bowling green, i am a new atheist and feeling kind of alone in the world.

Indiana around the terre haute area I feel like I'm lost at sea as far as fellow atheist go around here




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