S.E. Cupp is a well-paid token atheist amongst conservative fundamentalist Christian pundits.  Many people suspect that she is pretending to be atheist and will eventually have a convenient, profitable conversion to Christianity.  


As a single atheist, would you date S.E. Cupp or someone with the same opinions?  Why or why not?


If you don't know who S.E. Cupp is:





http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZkFqj5cX5U  (debunks some of her claims in the previous clip from Bill Maher's show)



(Yes I know that there is no standard atheist and that no one can truly know what another person truly believes.)

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Yeah I thinks she's attractive, I'd date her but that's because I don't necessarily need to agree with a person's opinion to want to have sex with them and I don't mind business minded conservatives though some exteme beliefs can be a serious turnoff.


As for her claim to being an atheist, I believe it and I believe that above all she is a pragmatist who would sell out her non-beliefs if the price was right. How many people do you know would attend a church if the church paid them to go, instead of expecting you to support them? I listened to the interview if she met a rich handsome man who her dad would like, it would make it easy for her to convert. Perhaps we would think of her as a nominal atheist, kind of how many christians just show up to church for xmas, weddings, and funerals. Above all I think she's trying to sell her book, the christian friendly atheist is an interesting angle. After all I'm sure we all have a christian friend we've disagreed with, perhaps she's appealing to the christian single male crowd who just love to save souls and the more attractive the soul the better.


So they put her on Fox, perhaps they are looking for a conservative friendly accomodating atheist and would rather have her be the face of atheism instead of more aggressive atheists. I work in a majority christian workplace, it's a secular environment not just because of atheists but I think moreso because of different christian denominations, I'm not expected to pray and the only time I hear prayer is at the xmas party when they say grace but as a religious minority or non religious minority I have to respect some of the communities choices hopefully given they don't violate my individual rights. If atheists were a political majority we would like to deal with a minority religious community that was deferential to us instead of outright belligerent. As for her claim 80% of America is christian, well she's using a very broad definition of christian. I'd like to see what parameters she used to generate that statistic. Is simply a belief in god and no other religious affiliation enough to make that sort of claim.


It appears she does have a degree in religious studies, many atheist even if anti-religious in various ways do find religion to be an interesting subject, so I'd say yes I think she'd be a good date, though I think I'll pass on buying her book.

Fox has a long tradition of attractive female commentators who either are or pretend to be stupid.  I think S.E. Cupp--whom I heard of for the first time a minute ago--is a knockout from the neck up (sorry; all I've seen so far).  She's a good looking female version of Allan Colmes, so it looks like we have Hannity and Cupp.  I still think--as it seems she does--that atheism simply means without religion.  I never feel the need to declare that "there is no God."  What I do instead is shoot down the arguments that people present FOR God, leaving the burden of proof on them.   All arguments that I have encountered are full of logical holes.  One of the worst canards is the notion that our society is built on Judeo-Christian values.  For one, the two are irreconcilable.  Jewish values deny the divinity of Jesus, Christian values insist on it.  Aside from that, the values that American law shares with the Judeo-Christian tradition pre-date both Judaism and Christianity, AND are found in the moral and legal codes of every ancient society.  We might just as well claim that they are Babylonian or Assyrian or Akkadian or Egyptian or Canaanite values.  I can understand why Cupp says she is ready to be converted.  So am I.  If there were real proof for the existence of God, it would be foolish and intellectually dishonest not to convert.  Unfortunately, Cupp is probably just Hannity's pet atheist.  He used to have a pet liberal.  I wouldn't be surprised if Cupp were to convert.  What a coup for Hannity . . . if it wasn't just theater passing for news.
It's not that she said she's ready to be converted.  She said something to the effect that she aspires to be a person of faith.  This is what marks her as a con artist, ready to cash in on her conversion, when she feels it's time.
No.  She is a disgrace.  I can't stand to watch her.  I can't imagine being in her presence.
I would not date SE Cupp, not even if she were the last woman on the planet (and I'm not exaggerating).


First off, I agree that she is quite physically attractive. There has never been a question about that, at least for me. The problem for me is, I place as much value, if not more, on personality and intelligence. Now, I've met SE Cupp through a friend who got two tickets to one of her talks and invited me (neither of us are actually fans of hers; he won the tickets and was curious). Not only did I sit through her talking for half an hour, but I got to speak with her about religion and atheism for about 10 minutes. We managed to agree on only one thing: faith alone is not necessarily a virus.


Between seeing her live, watching her on Bill Maher and Youtube videos, and reading her books (I checked out Why You're Wrong about the Right from the library and torrented the e-book of Losing Our Religion because I will not dignify that women with my money), I happen to find her personality too ugly for my tastes.


As far as whether or not she's an atheist... I abhor the No True Scotsman fallacy, but in this case I have to admit that I find it extremely hard to avoid. I am absolutely, 100% convinced that she is setting up for a very near future, extremely profitable Christian conversion, purposefully making herself an icon of why Christianity is better (unlike Antony Flu, she becomes a full-blown Christian... maybe even rejecting evolution?). I don't know if she truly does not believe in God or she's truly that dishonest, but I expect a convenient, money-making conversion within the next couple years.


I find SE Cupp extremely dishonest, horribly inconsistent, and terribly pathetic in almost every way. Her political views are somehow less intelligent than your average extreme conservative, her views on theism vs. atheism are so uninformed it's depressing, and her general dishonesty is enough to rival Sean Hannity in my opinion (I was originally gonna say Glenn beck, then realized that even she can't beat him in these areas).


Now, there is one extremely odd thing about her that throws me off. Apparently, she's a Ricky Gervais fan. I don't understand how or why, especially since Ricky Gervais is one of the poster-childs for what she calls "angry atheism". Half of his act is dissing religion and religious ideas, and, unless I'm much mistaken, the man is quite liberal. They would not get along at all.




So there's my opinion.

Gosh.  I only saw about 30 seconds of video, and it was mostly Hannity re-defining atheism, which the Right does a lot.  Haven't read any of her books.  But if there were two women left on earth, and the other one was Michelle Malkin or Gretchen Carlson, Cupp and I would become an item.


She is, clearly, a shill for Fox.  I would still date her in the hope that, as one poster said recently, there really is no evil beyond redemption.


By the way, we probably are wrong about the Right.  They're all part of a secret Christian conspiracy.  It's the only hypothesis that explains their lunacy.

Yeah, I'm not sure I could cope with someone that aggressively ignorant of the Constitution, when she plays within the political arena.  I seriously doubt she's an atheist.  When an atheist speaks the same line as the fundamentalists on Fox News, in regards to religion, I don't buy it for a second.  She smells like a plant, playing a role for the camera, as Fox News has used before.


I'd also bet on a near-future conversion, after which she'll spread lies about atheists, which the Christians will lap up, since they'll buy the story about her having been an actual atheist ... since it's what they want to believe.  It's just like the preacher at the one Austin church, who preaches that he used to be an atheist ... that all atheists really know God exists, because when he was an atheist, he knew God existed.  I'm expecting the same kind of shit out of her.

Wow, I'm watching the Daily Motion clip at 2:00 minutes in.  She read study after study that all said religion is beneficial for society?  She's drunk the Koolaide.  She is such a fucking stooge.
Though she's very attractive, there's no way I could be around someone like her for more than 30 minutes. 30 minutes to hear what she's all about, and then we can never speak again. If it's only sex, I'm all for that, but date??? I think not. She has nothing of substance to say. I agree with other posters here when they say something is afoot with this lady; she can't be an atheist! She could be telling the truth, but she has stood in defense of all that is religious on too many occasions for me to not doubt her veracity.

I don't know that I've say she's very attractive.  I mean she's cute, but I meet plenty of women every day who are at least as attractive as her.

She's cute enough that it wouldn't matter if she was any more attractive.  Once a girl is a certain level of attractiveness, it just stops mattering, and what's in her head matters far more than anything else ... which is where we run into our little problem.

I don't even know about having sex with her.  I realize I'm weird, but I greatly enjoy pillow talk, and I just can't see that ending well.

The way she forces her voice to squeak... I'd think that horrible sound would be counter-productive during sex... counter-reproductive?

(example about 4:30 into the dailymotion clip with Maher)

I 100% agree.  I would need a ball gag.




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