Are there any support groups here in Scotland, Glasgow? I have been searching for about 10 years to see if there are any other Ex Fundamentalists here in Glasgow specifically, or counselling groups...

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Hi Susan

I am a former evangelical fundamentalist (calvary chapel, and church of christ the king) - I formed a group, which later became the Scottish Atheist Council, with a view to providing the sort of support you describe.

The site is a good start, but rather american centric.

We have always been an 'under the radar' sort of group, rather than being too prominent.

The current convenor is also a former evangelical. pop me a PM and I'll get you in touch.

I'm in Australia at the moment, but I'm sure there's mileage in a meetup of some sort - we have internally discussed ex christian support a few times.
I don't understand the need for counselling or support groups, sorry. I came to my way of atheism through clear thinking and debating, was brought up a Catholic which took a few years to get rid of the guilt instilled in me by nuns and priests. Once I realised that a priest is like a joiner or an electrician I no longer saw him as an intermediary between his God and myself. I still shock people when I tell them I don't believe in any gods or bibles, and dismiss the debate. I get irritated when they [ religious types] insist that they are right and I will be going to warmer climes as a result of my blasphemy. What you need are Atheist friends Susan ones you can feel free with and who will understand your way of thinking. I'll be one if you'll let me.

I am Chair of the Edinburgh Secular Society, I live in Glasgow, but the Society is based in Edinburgh, see

Thanks Gary...




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