Hi, I'm Andrew.

I'm a 3rd year PhD student.

My project concerns artificial reefs: particularly the marine life associated with offshore oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

I'm also investigating food webs around a small artificial reef system, in comparison with those around a nearby natural reef.

Obviously there are other areas of biology that I find fascinating.

I have a blog, on which I try to write articles about biology, amongst my rants and ravings about religion.

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I'm a college student, major = physics.
I find biology extremely interesting. Hope to take as many classes on the topic as I can, if physics doesn't work out for me, I'm sure there will always be plenty of areas of work for Biologists.
Hi Jason,

Opportunities in biology........depends very much on your area of interest. I think at the moment there some some demand for graduates from physics, chemistry and mathematics to move into biology and bring some of their skills with them, at least in the UK. Me, I always wanted to go into biology, but I may have backed myself into a corner where there are somewhat fewer opportunities.
Hi, I'm Laurie and I'm a biologist (why do I feel like I'm at an AA meeting? - sans the religious implications, of course).

I have a bachelors in fisheries biology and a masters in aquatic ecology as well as an MBA, which I never use and wish I hadn't wasted my time and huge amounts of money with.

I work for the state of California, which means I also don't really use my other degrees, either.

I've read and enjoyed Andrew's blog for a while, so go and check it out!
The money's in the post.

Of course, I'm not the only one with an enjoyable blog!
I'm Samu*.

I'm just a college student who is majoring in biology. I love pretty much all of biology, so I don't know what I want to specialize in. I definitely want to do research out in the field, but other than that I am at a complete loss about what I want to do.

*Yes, that is a pseudonym :P.
Hi everyone. I am a postdoctoral research fellow studying retinal degeneration in zebrafish. My expertise is in the cellular/molecular/genetic/biomedical realm, so it will be interesting to talk to some 'whole organism' biologists for a change. Thanks for starting this group, Andrew! I'll be visiting your blog soon.
Hello, all! I'm an undergrad in biology, specifically interested in molecular biology, genetics, and evo devo. This summer, I'm working with zebrafish serotonin receptors and having a BLAST. Ok, that was a bad pun. I'm sorry. Sometimes I really can't help myself.
Hi everyone. My name is Rachel. I recently graduated w/ a BS in biology w/ a minor in chemistry and now I'm just starting my way on the road to a PhD in molecular biology at Ohio State (insert obligatory GO BUCKEYES! here). I'm about to wrap up my 1st lab rotation in a lab that studies mRNA decay & am heading to a lab that looks at DNA polymerases from a biochemical stand point. After that I hope to do my last rotation in a neuroscience lab. Also, my husband is starting his MD/PhD.

We love science.
Uh, oh. I got my MS at Purdue University. I find myself obliged to type GO BOILERMAKERS!
I'm a second year Biology major (undergrad still). The plan originally was to simply choose Biology to fill pre-req's for medical school...and it is doing that...but I never dreamed that I would enjoy it as much as I do! I still want to attend medical school and have plans on applying...but I just might get a masters in Biology before going. Who knows...
I recently graduated fro Brigham Young University in genetics and biotechnology. My current project involves determining the genetic diversity of three wildflower species native to the Rockies, and hopefully I won't have to work on it for much longer. I hope to be working someplace in Portland or Seattle within the next month or so doing something science-related.
I have undergraduate degrees in biology and comparative religion. I was going to go on to grad school and study the relationship between indigenous plants, agriculture, and religious practices in Central America when life happened. Revolutions, diseases, family problems. So I ended up owning a nursery and landscape business in coastal Mississippi, specializing in native plants and water gardens. Until Katrina hit. Now I am using my business experience in the non-profit world, trying to help my peeps down here recover. My heroes have always been biologists - Darwin, Thomas, E.O. Wilson, Pett (as in Walter Pett, my best friend, who is at Michigan State University), and of course, PZ and Richard D.




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