Hi, I'm Andrew.

I'm a 3rd year PhD student.

My project concerns artificial reefs: particularly the marine life associated with offshore oil and gas platforms in the North Sea.

I'm also investigating food webs around a small artificial reef system, in comparison with those around a nearby natural reef.

Obviously there are other areas of biology that I find fascinating.

I have a blog, on which I try to write articles about biology, amongst my rants and ravings about religion.

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Hiya hiya. Thirty years ago I couldn't spell biologist and now I are one. PhD 1993 from UCLA, and now on my fourth (4!) Assistant Professorship...*sigh* I'm pretty good at gettin em but not that good at keepin em. I do ecological physiology, mostly reptiles (OK, mostly turtles), and measure a lot of metabolic rates. I measure a lot more than I get around to publishing.
Anyway. Hiya.
Hey there,
I'm a biologist from Brazil specializing in Zoology - Entomology.

I'm kind of new to the area but my I'm happy i finally found what i want to work with for the rest of my life!

Well, I have two semesters left, and then I will have a B.S in Biology and a B.S in Chemistry along with a minor in Anthropology and Psychology. Yes boys and girls it has only taken me 6 long years and quite a few classes but it will be over soon....I hope.
I'm an ungrad, double majoring in biology and psychology. My interest is in evolutionary psychology, understanding the mechanics of human behavior and cognition from an evolutionary perspective.
Hi All, I'm Dan. I'm earning a Masters in Ecology & Evolution, and my Thesis work is on gene family evolution, specifically those genes that fungi use as virulence factors and during decomposition. I also have a general interest in science education and science philosophy. I love talking about this stuff. I'm head of the Darwin Day events at Kent State, and started a Freethinkers group here as well.

Next year I'll likely be moving to Phoenix, Denver, or Chicago while my girlfriend enters med school, and I'll need something to do for a year while I'm applying to PhD schools. Does any one have any advice on that?
Hi im Kevin, just graduated and working as a research assistant to bide time. Research background proteomics and molecular biology. Currently studying MCAT to do an MD hopefully, then specialise in psychiatric medicine. In the future would like to take up research in that field. More and more people are needing help in these area nowadays, including a couple in my family.
Hey all,

I did a bachelors in Biology and Anthropology and now I'm 3 months into my Masters Thesis on human sexual selection and evolution all the way down in New Zealand. I'm a whole animal kinda person, but pretty much anything biological is too fun to miss out on. I grew up thinking I'd be an astronaut, and then realised how exclusive that club is, so went for something more achievable. I'm completely undecided what to do with my degree once I get it, so I'm just focusing on that for now. Well, kinda. I'm getting pretty darn good at procrastinating!
I would be procrastinating, but I haven't got around to it yet!


Hi, I´m Malena. I´m a biological anthropology licenciate, but during my licentiature I turn my love to evolution theories, and I´m just starting my ph in paleontology.
Hi, I'm Larissa, I'm still a 1st year Pharmacy and Biochemistry student at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil. I love Biology and find it really fascinating, and I hope I can specialize in cosmetics and skincare(Also in UNIFESP), or something like it (somehow I think maybe it's still too early to determine exactly what I should do in, at least, 3 years...)
Hello, I'm Sara and I'm working on my Biology undergrad right now. I've just gotten a position as a research assistant in a lab that studies speciation genetics and genomics using insect model systems (specifically, beetles). It's very exciting. I love all things biology, but I'm more of a whole animal person. I find the diversity among species fascinating and I am thinking about grad school after I graduate next December. I'm glad I've found a forum of like-minded people.
College senior who majored in Biology. My specialty is ecology.

I go to a small catholic college. So I am desperate to talk to atheist biologists. I plan to attend Podiatry school in the fall.


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