Science, associated with modernity, is losing support from those who would like to take us back to a time when heathens like us were stoned or burned. Makes sense.

Research suggests "conservatives were far more likely to define science as knowledge that should conform to common sense and religious tradition." That'll work.

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How has my life changed from my grandmothers because of science? 

1. I am no longer maintaining and perpetuating the belief that men have the right to beat their wives and children.

2. I am no long washing my dirty laundry on a washboard with a wash tub on the wood burning stove. 

3. I am no long carrying wood from the wood shed, splitting it and using up scuttles of it to cook, bathe, and do laundry. 

4. I am no longer walking to the store to get groceries to feed the family. 

5. I am no longer hanging my laundry on the clotheslines outside or on the one hanging from the kitchen ceiling in winter snow or rain. 

6. I am no longer in excruciating pain because of fibroid tumors. 

7. I am no longer having one baby after another until my body wears out. 

8. I am no longer burning coal, making soot inside and fouling the air outside. 

9. I am no longer trying to protect my children from measles, mumps, whooping cough, scarlet fever, TB, polio.

10. I am no longer burying my babies before they reach the age of five years old. 

11. I am no longer suffering from heart disease because I have a pacemaker. 

12. I no longer have to rely on candles or kerosene for light at night. 

13, I no longer fear hell or twist myself into sacrificial knots to submit to an unseeable, unknowable, unloving god tradition. 

I could go on, but the sunshine is calling me to my garden to do the things my grandmothers taught me and that has brought me so much pleasure over the years.  

Yes, we could make very long lists.

It's nice that this phenomenon is being examined. Too bad we can't talk about it in the open. The media and politicians won't touch it, so it continues unchallenged and grows.

The trouble is science is often conflated with technology. Technology is wreaking more havoc on the planet than it is solving. But this is not the fault of science directly. It's once science falls into the hands of greed that shit hits the fan. Science is simply a form of knowledge. Any knowledge turns sour in the wrong hands. So in the end, it's not science or religion that's the weak link, it's still human greed.

Scientists can (and occasionally but rarely do) take part in what science brings to society. Look at the scientists coming out on climate change. But they're rare. And in the case of the Canadian government, it has become illegal for scientists to speak out if they're government employees. Because the powers that be use science to subjugate humanity... lest all humans actually got a science education and actually became better or equally informed than those that rule us... I can only dream

One of the great reasons alternative press, radio, and the internet play such an important role in modern society. I would not have known others did not see evidence of god until I hunted for my heretical ideas and found like minded people. 

That said, all institutions seem to be prone to finding ways of exploitation and manipulation of people and nations. Using science to subjugate humanity requires science literacy. Can you imagine if creationism were allowed into public school science departments? Oh! I shudder!




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