Abrahamic sects aren't the only bullying woo mongers we have to contend with. The social sciences have long been under attack by a different kind of faith-based intolerance, postmodernism. Anthropology, however, is biology, and this is personal.


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Sorry for the drift though Phil was able to cleverly tie everything together. So to justify and summarize:

humane vs. humanist = pomo

nihilism = pomo

humanist daring to kick it with biologists = crazy = pomoish


The lottery idea is the best I've heard in that it could work and could bypass the might-makes-right solution that will eventually be imposed. Of course, no politician will suggest it.
The usual biological mechanisms will come into play - famine, disease, war. The last being somewhat unique to our species though chimps seem to get into it.
What do the deniers have to gain? Well, the rich use the religious and bigoted to gain more profits through unconstrained corporate growth and control by the screwing of the religious and bigoted. They'll have other schemes to cover the longer term (for themselves).
Thanks for the update on this rift in anthropology.




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